Lifestraw Vs Sawyer Vs Grayl Filter Water Bottles for Campers, Hikers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

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Having a reliable filter water bottle or purifier bottle is the smartest way you can assure that you get clean water for drinking on your hiking or camping trips. Gone are the days of iodine tablets and filter pumps to get pure and fresh drinking water in the wild. Today, we have an amazing variety of advanced, ready-to-use filter water bottles.

Lifestraw, Sawyer, and Grayl are some of the known vendors that sell filter water bottles in more than one variety. In our take on Lifestraw Vs Sawyer Vs Grayl here, we would like to check out some of the coolest filter bottles you can get from these popular brands to ensure pure drinking water outdoors.

The main attraction of these self-filtering water bottles is that they are perfect for carrying. You can just keep a unit of it in your backpack or even pocket and use water from any source in the wild for drinking by filtering with the little filter. They are all ultra-lightweight hiker and camper-friendly water filters.


LifeStraw Filter Grayl GeoPress Sawyer Mini
LifeStraw Filter Grayl GeoPress Sawyer Mini
  • Lightweight Water Filter.
  • Suck-and-Drink Purifier.
  • Ideal for Campers, Hikers.
  • Can Filter Up to 4000L.
  • 24 Oz Filter Bottle. 
  • 350-Cycle Carbon Filter.
  • OnePress Cleaning.
  • BPA-Free Plastic.
  • Mini Suck-and-Drink Filter.
  • 0.1 Micron Filtering.
  • Fiber Protection.
  • Fine for Campers, Hikers.

Lifestraw Vs Sawyer Vs Grayl Filter Water Bottles

These are the three notable vendors of self-contained water filtration systems that come in the form of handy and easy-to-carry bottles. LifeStraw sells two types of water filter systems; one regular filter called LifeStraw Go and one personal straw filter called LifeStraw Go.

Next, we have Sawyer as the main competitor to Lifestraw with two cool products in almost the same categories. They are Sawyer Personal Water Filter and Sawyer Mini Water Filter. By the way, Grayl has got two regular filter bottles in two sizes; 24 oz and 16 oz variants namely GeoPress and Ultrapress respectively.

In our take on Lifestraw Vs Sawyer Vs Grayl, we would like to explore these models in detail by comparing their specs and features of each other. Stay tuned for our take on the filter water bottles below.

LifeStraw Go Filter Bottle

This is LifeStraw’s incredible filter bottle with a two-stage filter. You can carry the lightweight and compact filter bottle in your backpack and enjoy freshwater anywhere in the world. The portable filtering solution can clean the water in a matter of time.

This filter bottle is available in two sizes; 22 oz and 1L, and it comes in an awesome variety of colors. The filter is capable of removing all types of fatal microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, chlorine, microplastics, chemicals, dirt, and more. Check out the product on the link below.

LifeStraw Go Filter Bottle

The two-stage filter is made of a regular activated carbon filter and a membrane microfilter. The former is meant to remove all the chemical elements and odors. It is when the microfilter is capable of getting rid of the microbes like bacteria, viruses, and more.

The microfilter offers a lifetime of cleaning up to 4000 liters of water, while the carbon filter needs a replacement after purifying 100 liters. It is indeed a highly durable, solid, and BPA-free water bottle, by the way. So, you have nothing to worry about having any health issues.

Key Features 

  • Handy and Practical Filter Bottle. 
  • Available in Two Sizes – 22 Oz and 1 Liter.
  • Activated Carbon and Membrane Microfilter.
  • Durable, BPA-Free, and Dishwasher-Safe Bottle.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Different from the above filter bottle, it is a special filtering solution. It is not a bottle, but a filtering straw that you can use to drink purified water from a murky water body in the wild.

This is a great companion for hikers and backpackers as it is an extremely lightweight tool for ensuring clean water. The simple such-and-drink filter can remove 99.99% of bacteria, iodine, chlorine, and other chemicals in the water that reaches your mouth. Check out the ready-to-go filter on the link below.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The personal filter weighs just 0.1 lbs and so you can keep it in your pocket while wandering around in the wild. All the universal testing protocols have verified the efficacy of the tool.

However, it is a disposable filter. That is, once used up, you will need to replace the entire tool which is quite cheaper. But it has got a long lifespan of up to 4,000 liters (1,000 gallons), which is enough to make you drink freshwater for several years.

Key Features 

  • Lightweight Survival Water Filtering Tool. 
  • Ready-to-Use and Suck-and-Drink Water Purifier.
  • Perfect for Campers, Hikers, and Backpackers.
  • Capable of Filtering Up to 4000 Liters of Water.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

This is one of the versatile and lightweight portable water filtration systems and is a perfect choice for campers, hikers, and all types of travelers who will have to drink from unsecured water taps and other water sources.

The Sawyer Mini is basically a suck-and-drink filter straw like the above Lifestraw’s straw filter, but it comes with a drinking pouch. That said, apart from using it to directly drink from an impure water source, you can use the pouch or a disposable water bottle to store some water with the use of the Mini filter.

The Mini is capable of removing 99.99999% of bacteria from any water source, thanks to its high-performance 0.1-micron inline filter. With its small and compact size with a weight of just 2 ounces, you can easily carry it anywhere in your pocket and enjoy freshwater right anytime.

Key Features 

  • Mini Suck-and-Drink Filter with a Drinking Pouch. 
  • 0.1 Micron Inline Filtering System Inside. 
  • Full Enclosed Hollow Fiber Membranes. 
  • Perfect Companion of Campers, Hikers, and Travellers. 

Grayl GeoPress Water Filter

The GeoPress is actually a very fast and responsive water filter bottle. With a capacity of 24 ounces, it can purify water in just eight seconds. Well, you can collect water from any murky source in the wild and get it purified for drinking in a matter of time.

It can remove all common waterborne pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and chemicals as well as improve the quality, taste, and smell of the water. Check out the product on the link.

Grayl GeoPress Water Filter

It equips an ultra-powdered activated carbon filter with ion-exchange technology. It can offer you a lifetime of up to 350 cycles. That said, you can purify up to 250 liters of water before a cartridge change is required.

The bottle is made of durable and BPA-free materials. It has a height of 10.4 inches and a base diameter of 3.4 inches, and its weight goes 15.9 oz. You get the bottle in different shades.

Key Features 

  • 24 Oz Versatile Water Filter Bottle. 
  • Activated Carbon Filter with 350 Cycles. 
  • OnePress Cleaning for Fast and Effective Process. 
  • Made of BPA-Free and Durable Materials. 

Grayl Ultrapress Water Purifier

The Ultrapress is a compact and lightweight filter bottle from Grayl. The 16-ounce bottle perfectly accommodates in a backpack pocket. And it can offer you freshwater by removing all waterborne pathogens in fifteen seconds.

It also features an ultra-powdered activated carbon filter with ion exchange. That can get rid of all pathogens like bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and E. Coli quite effectively. Well, it has a flow rate of 16 oz per 15 seconds.

Grayl Ultrapress Water Purifier

Its filter offers a lifespan of 300 cycles. That said, it can purify up to 150 liters of water before you need to replace the cartridge.

The filter bottle has a height of 9.625 inches and its base diameter is 2.7 inches. With a weight of 10.9 oz, the BPA-free and durable filter bottle can indeed be an ideal companion for you on your hiking and camping trips. The bottle comes in various colors.

Key Features 

  • 16 Oz Ultra-Lightweight Water Filter Bottle. 
  • Activated Carbon Filter with 300 Cycles. 
  • OnePress Cleaning for Effective and Quick Cleaning. 
  • Made of BPA-Free and Durable Materials.

Lifestraw Vs Sawyer Vs Grayl – What To Buy?

We have covered five impressive and best-seller portable water filter solutions from the brands; Lifestraw, Sawyer, and Grayl. Grayl has got two filter bottles in two sizes, LifeStraw has got a filter bottle and a filter straw, and Sawyer has its famous mini filter.

When it comes to the price, the LifeStraw products are cheaper options. Its personal water filter has a price of around $15, while its LifeStraw Go filter bottle carries a price of nearly $30. It is when the Grayl water filter bottle is priced at $100, and the base-model Grayl Ultrapress costs $80.

When it comes to size, Grayl GeoPress is the largest of all with a capacity of 24 oz. The next is LifeStraw Go, which is a 22 oz bottle, and its other variant is a 16 oz bottle. At the same time, LifeStraw personal has no bottle.  

By the way, all the models appear in a large variety of shades with LifeStraw Go having around 20 options. So, you can find a model that meets your preferences.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the filter water bottles. We have covered some of the innovative water filter solutions in much detail so it will be easy for a buyer to choose one. These cool water filtering systems are much useful in different types of applications like camping, hiking, and traveling. As you know, the technology behind all the above filter water bottles is almost the same. Share your thoughts about the products in the comments below.


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