LG Tiiun Indoor Garden: LG to Debut Its New Indoor Gardening Appliance at CES 2022

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LG is to unveil its much-excited LG Tiiun indoor garden at CES 2022.

The Korean home appliance giant has designed the 100% automatic, self-contained home garden appliance to ‘automate’ your gardening experience indoors.

LG Tiiun integrates all advanced smart gardening technologies like weather control, self-watering, and LED lighting systems. The appliance can realize an optimal growing condition, where you can grow a variety of plants such as veggies, herbs, greens, and flowers.

It is a two-shelf smart garden that can accommodate up to six all-in-one seed packages and three seed kits. Each seed package contains as many as 10 holes to make you germinate the seeds. The Tiiun can thus be a cool system to grow a wide range of plants indoors in the best conditions.

LG Tiiun Indoor Garden

LG Tiiun is an advanced, freestanding planter for your home. Its name Tiiun stands for “to sprout” in Korean, which means you get a great way to grow greens indoors.

By integrating the best technologies in smart gardening, Tiiun can be a superb alternative to the models by the key brands in the segment like AeroGarden, Click and Grow, and Lettuce Grow.

The LG Tiiun indoor garden uses the brand’s famous Inverter Compressor as well as the Flexible Weather Control System to manage the temperature inside the enclosed indoor planter.

LG-Tiiun Smart Indoor Garden

The automatic LED grow lights are able to ensure sunlight-like lighting to boost photosynthesis. The integrated Auto Ebb and Watering Systems can deliver water to the plants eight times in 24 hours and keep them in the best moisture conditions.

Users can access the garden and its functions remotely on LG’s mobile ThinQ app.

Complete updates on seed sprouting as well as notifications on watering, lighting, and moisture conditions will be available on your phone in real-time.

The impressive indoor garden appears in two soothing shades; Nature Green and Nature Beige to comply with your interior.


Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the LG Tiiun indoor garden, which the brand will put on display at CES 2022. As a CES 2022 Innovation Award winner, the product will surely be grabbing the attention of a lot of visitors at CES.

With the product, LG is all set to join the fray of modern smart indoor gardening systems.

LG will obviously be raising big competition to all the existing companies in the segment with the fully-advanced and automatic indoor gardener. Share your thoughts about the LG indoor garden in the comments below.


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