The Best Hydroponic Tower Gardens: Lettuce Grow Vs Tower Garden

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Are you looking at buying a cool hydroponic tower garden?

A lot of vendors are there with outstanding garden towers. Here, we have a comparison of the models from two leading brands, Lettuce Grow and Tower Garden.

The fully automatic, self-watering garden towers will help you grow fresh green indoors even if you don’t have a green thumb. Stay tuned for our Lettuce Grow Vs Tower Garden comparison.

Lettuce Grow Farmstand At a Glance

  • Automated and Easy to Use Hydroponic System.
  • Available in 5 sizes with 12 to 36 Plant Options.
  • Small Footprint of Two Square Feet.
  • 200+ Seedlings of Herbs, Veggies, and Greens.
  • Elegant and Sleek Design. 

Tower Garden At a Glance

Tower Garden Home Growing System


  • Automated and Self-Contained Hydroponic System.
  • Tower Garden HomeTower Garden Home.
  • Available in Three Sizes with 20 to 84 Plant Options.
  • 150+ Seeds of Variety of Starter Seeds.

Lettuce Grow Vs Tower Garden Hydroponic Indoor Gardens

You get a variety of ready-to-use hydroponic tower gardens from these two brands.

We have already had a look at the products from AeroGarden, Gardyn, and iHarvest earlier on our blog. This article will give you an insight into the best-selling indoor gardens from Lettuce Grow and Tower Garden. Stay tuned.

1. Lettuce Grow Farmstand

Farmstand is an advanced hydroponic garden tower that can grow fresh greens indoors. It will take only a few of your floor space to grow multiple plants to offer you the best greens, veggies, and herbs in your diet.

Well, the tower garden comes up in five sizes. Depending on the number of plants a unit can accommodate, they are available in sizes of 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36.

All the models will take up only two square feet of your floor space to realize a great mini garden indoors.

As you see, Farmstand runs on the much-touted hydroponic system. Therefore, you only need to refill its bottom water tank in a while to ensure the healthy growth of your plants.

You can place it anywhere indoors or outdoors. If you have a deck or balcony with enough sunlight, it can be a nice piece of attraction there. If you want to place it indoors, a separate LED grow light is required.

Farmstand is made in the USA. The ocean-bound plastic is recycled to make its body. It is a completely BPA-free, food-grade, and CA Prop-complaint design.

How Does It Work?

Growing plants on Lettuce Grow Farmstand is indeed a simple task. You don’t need to have a green thumb or any expertise in gardening to handle it. The brand offers you ready-to-grow seedlings for the planter.

More than 200 varieties of seedlings are available from Lettice Grow. You can pick from the collection of veggies, herbs, and leafy greens. The seedlings are three to four weeks old and so you get a head start in growing.

Well, you need to plug the system into a GFCI outlet to power the water pump and grow lights. So, make sure you find a place for the planter with a power connection, apart from a water source.

The low-maintenance garden will spare only five to 10 minutes of your time a week to manage things like adding water and nutrients, testing water pH, planting new seedlings, and more.

2. Tower Garden Home Growing System

Tower Garden is another famous vendor of hydroponic tower garden systems.

Here, we have the brand’s 32-plant Home garden tower. The vendor also offers a 20-plant Flex and an 84-plant Family growing system. Tower Garden Home is, in fact, an indoor-specific model with the required grow lights.

Like any hydroponic indoor planter, it is a whole lot easier to grow greens, herbs, and veggies with Tower Garden Home. It comes with everything you will require to nurture plants flourishingly inside your home and make sure you get healthy and organic greens in your diet.

The tower garden is made from good-quality food-grade plastic, which is UV-stabilized and USDA-certified. The strong and durable planter has got a very elegant design, and a fully bloomed Tower Garden will certainly be a piece of attraction in your interior.

Tower-Garden-HOME-Growing-System Tower Garden


The indoor garden measures 58x 24 x 24 in, and it will take up only a few square feet of your floor surface. By the way, as a special indoor variant, Tower Garden Home comes with LED grow lights and attached wheels and it will ideally fit any of your spaces.

How Does It Work?

Tower Garden Home comes with a number of essential accessories. First of all, it has got a variety of seeds. A seed germination tray, seed starter supplies, net cups, vermiculite, and Rockwool are other items in the package.

As per the directions from its maker, you can set up the planter and start germinating the seeds. When it comes to the garden tower, you need to set up the pump, timer, water monitor, and drain pipe.

A baby greens extension kit, a pH test kit, and plant nutrition are also part of the garden tower, which you can buy in a package, set up, and maintain with the help of the brand.

Lettuce Grow Vs Tower Garden – Features

Technically, there is no difference between the Lettuce Grow and Tower Garden indoor growing systems. Both the units work on the hydroponic system of gardening, and so they come with the same features, obviously.

But you get Lettuce Grow in five sizes with the smallest being a 12-plant one, while the biggest being a 36-plant system. Meanwhile, Tower Garden features three variants for 20, 34, and 84 plants.

When it comes to installation, Lettuce Grow Farmstand is a rather easy-to-use system. All its variants come with the same components, such as a base, water pump, stackable planters, grow lights, net cups, and more. You can put them together relatively quickly and get your growing system ready.

The case with Tower Garden is somewhat different. It will take more time to fix its components together. This is because the system is not designed as a highly sophisticated indoor planter.

The buyers need to germinate the seeds here and plant them in the net cups themselves before mounting them on the planters. The maker only offers the required seeds with Tower Garden, while Lettuce Grow provides three-week-old seedlings for a head start.

Lettuce Grow Vs Tower Garden – Price

As you see, the most apparent downside of a hydroponic gardening system is its overkill price. Both the Lettuce Grow and Tower Garden models carry not quite attractive price tags, but they can indeed be great investments as they will be producing fresh and organic green for you all around the year.

Lettuce Grow Farmstand starts at $350, and its top model costs around $650. For grow lights, other accessories, and seedlings, you will have to pay additionally. Meanwhile, Tower Garden Home costs around $1000, but there is an option you can pay in 12 installments of $84, including taxes.

Though a bit pricier than Lettuce Grow, Tower Garden is actually a complete system. It comes with all essential accessories, and you will not have to spend extra on seedlings later as it packs the facilities for seed starting.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Lettuce Grow Vs Tower Garden. You get two cool home gardening systems to produce greens and herbs for your diet throughout the year. Both are highly advanced indoor growing systems with less maintenance and effective growing time. Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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