Leaflet Plant Care System: A Smart Solution to Take Care of Your Plants and Protect from Dying

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Are you having a tough time protecting your plants from dying? It is indeed a tough job to give the right care for your plants. Many of you might have gone wrong in the efforts and so you will love the Leaflet Plant Care System.

The Leaflet is a complete plant care solution that contains sensors, a mobile app, a subscription, and goodies.

Leaflet offers you sensors to bury in your plant pots. They will collect vital information about the plants and send it to the service provider in real-time, enabling it to send the required plant goodies at the right time.

You just need to pour them into the pots to get the best results and keep the plants fresh.

The product is launched on Indiegogo, where it is available for pre-order with attractive early bird pricing, which starts at $80. The base variant gets you two units of sensors other than the app, subscription, and starter goodies. There are other options with more sensors to cover more plants.



  • Subscription-Based Complete Plant Care System.
  • Plant Sensors to Collect Plant Data from the Soil.
  • Full-Fledged Mobile App to Access the Information. 
  • Timely Shipment of Plant Care Goodies.
  • Quality Goodies Like Soil, Fertilizers, and Pesticide.

Leaflet Plant Care System

The subscription-based Leaflet plant care is, of course, an amazing way for busy homeowners to take care of their plants. Thanks to the application of the sensor and mobile technology, you get a reliable agent to look after your plants. You can sit back and relax while you get the plant goodies at the doorstep even without a manual order.

The sensors included in the Leaflet care system are capable of collecting plant data by measuring key factors like moisture, temperature, humidity, nutrition, light, and feelings of your plants. You are only supposed to pour in the supplied nutrients and pesticides to your plant pots.

Final Thoughts

The Leaflet Plant Care System, as you see, is more than a mobile app. Apart from delivering you some guidelines on plant care, it is capable of taking action with the help of the included sensors. Yes, with Leaflet, you will no longer get the same advice again, but you can sit back and relax and watch your plants fresh and lively.


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