KitchenIdea Kody 29 Smart Cooking Robot: An All-In-One Cooking Robot with 20+ Cooking Modes – Kody 29 Vs. Thermomix TM6 Vs. ToKit Omini Cook

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It is always amazing to get your food items prepared with minimal effort. If you are a single dweller, a small family, or a small group, an AI-powered, smart cooking robot can do this for you perfectly.

KitchenIdea’s brand-new Kody 29 all-in-one cooking robot can be a perfect choice. As you can see, it is an upgrade to the brand’s famous Kody 21 cooking assistant with enhanced cleaning functions.

Kody 29 is a state-of-the-art AI cooking robot that can prepare more than 1,500 recipes for you in a breeze. With some added features for cleaning as well as an improved design, it can help you both prepare ingredients for your favorite dishes and cook a variety of recipes such as smoothies, salads, deep fries, stir-fries, steamed items, porridge, rice, soup, jam, and more.

The new cooking robot from KitchenIdea notably features dual automatic cleaning functions.

A regular cleaning function is a way you can keep the inside of the pot clean, while the deep cleaning function makes you remove the sticky food traces on the bottom of the pot.

Moreover, it also comes with a special plastic-steel-made PET cleaning brush to ensure the cleaning of the pot without causing scratches on the surface.

KitchenIdea Kody 29

KitchenIdea Kody 29

  • AI Cooking Robot with 20+ Cooking Modes.
  • Perfect for Ingredient Preparation and Cooking.
  • 1500+ Guided Recipes to Choose From.
  • Integrated Kitchen Weighing Scale.
  • Automatic Cleaning and Fume-Free Design.
  • Easy-to-Use All-In-One Cooking Robot.

Thermomix TM6

Thermomix TM6

  • Smart, Wi-Fi-Connected Cooking Robot.
  • Multi-Cooler with 28 Cooking Functions.
  • Powerful 10-Speed Mixing Blade.
  • 6.8-Inch Wide Touchscreen.

Tokit Omni Cook – Buy It Here

Tokit Omni Cook

  • Multi-Cooking Robot with 21 Functions. 
  • Easy-to-Use Cooking Assistant with 11 Modes. 
  • 40–12000 RPM Stainless-Steel Mixing Blade.
  • Powerful 500W Motor and Heat Control System. 
  • Easy Cleaning with the Press of a Button
Update August 2023: The AI cooking robot attracted nearly 200 backers on Kickstarter. The backers of the product have started to receive it as the brand has begun shipping it. We are not sure when it will be available to the public on Amazon, other retail sites, or the brand’s website. 

Update July 2023: The brand launched the new all-in-one smart kitchenware on Kickstarter for crowdfunding with an early bird price starting at $539, i.e., 46% off its retail price of $999. The Kody 29 comes with different accessories and perks on the crowdfunding platform.

Why Should You Need the Kody 29 Cooking Robot?

Check out my takes on why you will require the Kody 29 smart cooking robot in your kitchen.

The inputs are compiled based on the details the brand has provided on its Kickstarter page. As a disclaimer, I haven’t gone hands-on with the product, which is expected for an August 2023 release.

1. Perfect Heating Control for Your Dishes

As the cooking robot comes with as many as 10 adjustable heating levels and automatic temperature control technology, you will be able to easily set the right level of heating for your dishes.

Unlike many other models on the market, you can easily choose the ideal level to prepare a particular dish with perfect cooking and with less fume and chaos.

2. Know Your Food Before Cooking

Yes, the count of calories and other nutritional values in a food item is very important for health-conscious people and patients with various lifestyle diseases.

The Kody 29 will provide you with the right details on your food items, like the calorie count, fiber content, protein, and more. This will let you perfectly design your food as per your diet regulations.

3. Large Collection of Yummy Recipes

The Kody 29 cooking robot comes with more than 1,500 preset recipes to meet your taste buds.

Moreover, a team of chefs, as per the brand, will be working diligently to design more yummy recipes you can prepare with the cooking robot.

The food items include main courses, salads, desserts, and other fast food items.

4. Countertop-Friendly with a Small Footprint

Finally, the compact design is another attraction of the Kody 29.

Like all similar all-in-one cooking robots, it is a small and compact appliance, even if it can replace a lot of other space-occupying machines on your kitchen countertop.

If the Kody 29 cooking assistant works for you as advertised, you can set aside a number of regular kitchen appliances like grinders, mixers, rice cookers, fryers, juicers, and more.

KitchenIdea Kody 29 Price and Release Date

The Kody 29 cooking robot has an early bird pricing of $539 on Kickstarter with a discount of 46% off its original price of $999. The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers in August 2023.

As of writing this article, the project has collected over 83K USD from around 150 backers with 45 days more to go for the campaign to end.

KitchenIdea Kody 29 Accessories

KODY 28 Accessories

KitchenIdea Kody 29 Alternatives

The Kody 29 is not the first smart AI-based cooking assistant over there.

We have several smart startups like ToKit and Thermomix with incredible products of this kind. ToKit’s Omini Cook and Vorwerk’s Thermomix TM6 are some of the media-frenzy models, and so I would like to have a look at their features and compare them against the Kody 29 AI cooking robot.

KitchenIdea Kody 29 Vs. Thermomix TM6

The Thermomix TM6 is a multifunctional kitchen appliance from German startup Vorwerk.

As its name suggests, it is the sixth generation of the brand’s smart cooking robot, which is certainly one of the first smart kitchen appliances over there. Overall, the TM6 has a lot of takers and a wide fan base across the world and is indeed very popular in the US.

Exactly like the Kody 29, you can choose your recipe on its display and let the machine prepare a wide range of yummy meals for the quick consumption of individuals, small families, and even parties.

The TM6 combines various kitchen appliances into one unit, including a blender, food processor, mixer, steamer, and more. It is known for its precision in temperature control and the ability to perform functions such as chopping, mixing, kneading, cooking, and even sous-vide cooking.

Compared to the Kody 29, the Thermomix TM6 is quite expensive, as it carries a price of around $1500, while its new Kody alternative costs just half of it. Apart from the price, the KitchenIdea product is interesting with its options for three different blades that you can change between to suit various recipes.

Kody 29 Vs. Thermomix TM6 Vs. Tokit Omni Cook

Tokit Omni Cook is another top-selling smart kitchen appliance on the market and is widely compared to the Thermomix TM6 and the Kody 29.

The Omini Cook is also an advanced all-in-one multi-cooker appliance that offers as many as 21 functions in a single machine. Different from Thermomix, it doesn’t need a subscription for you to get fresh recipes and cooking guides.

Check Out the ToKit Omini Cook Here

You get completely free access to an unlimited number of recipes that you can simply select on the all-in-one cooking assistant’s interface to get your favorite foods prepared in a breeze.

Moreover, the Tokit cooking appliance can reach a temperature of up to 180°C, which makes it easier to cook meat items compared to the Thermomix TM6. It is also cheaper than a Thermomix, but not as cheap as a Kody 29, which is advertised to be the cheapest all-in-one cooking robot over there.

What is a Cooking Robot?

A cooking robot is an AI-powered, IoT-enabled cooking appliance. It can decipher preset recipes and prepare your dishes accordingly.

It is actually a full-fledged, smart cooking appliance that can do two jobs mainly: prepare different ingredients for your regular cooking and help you cook some meals from scratch.

The market is rich with different types of cooking robots. Many startups have developed innovative cooking robots with incredible features and capabilities. KitchenIdea is indeed one of the leading players in the global cooking robot market with its products like the Kody 29 and Kody 21.

Being an all-in-one cooking assistant, it can act like a grinder, mincer, cream whipper, kneader, rinser, juicer, and more. Moreover, you can directly prepare a wide range of food items with the machine.

Of course, you get a set of accessories to simply make the appliance meet all the above purposes.

Learn more about the trendy AI-based cooking here at IoTforAll.


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