iBuee RainStorm Showerhead: A Revolutionary Single-Nozzle, Water-Saving Showerhead with Mist Technology for a Rainstorm Shower

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Would you love to enjoy the refreshment of a shower in a rainstorm? Then, you have the Kickstarter-launched iBuee RainStorm Showerhead, a revolutionary all-metal brass showerhead with patented mist technology that can virtually create a rainstorm in your bathroom, interestingly with limited use of water.

The best part is that the iBuee RainStorm features a single-nozzle design, unlike regular showerheads, but as per the brand, this can help emulate a storm in your bathroom by delivering a cone of raindrop-like droplets.

However, the surprising thing, as mentioned above, is that, compared to traditional showerheads, the iBuee RainStorm takes only 50% of the water to give you a soothing showering experience. That is indeed one of the incredible reasons you can try the $29 showerhead and enjoy the next shower in a rainstorm.

iBuee RainStorm Showerhead at a Glance

  • Innovative Showerhead with 50% Less Water Use.
  • Patented Misting Technology for a Rainstorm Feel.
  • All-Metal Brass Body with a Single Nozzle Design.
  • Clog-Free and Maintenance-Free Shower.
  • Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Matte Black Shades.

Check Out the iBuee RainStorm Showerhead Here

iBuee RainStorm Technology
The illustration shows how the showerhead creates a rainstorm inside.

Made of good-quality solid metal, the iBuee RainStorm boasts a unibody design.

It gives the shower increased durability and longer life, and above all, the chance of water clogging is very low as it features a 30X single nozzle. So, ultimately, it is going to be a maintenance-free showerhead.

No worries about fixing the rainstorm-competing showerhead in your bathroom.

It is simple. Of course, you don’t need to do any extra setup to bring in a rainstorm in your bathroom.

The iBuee RainStorm has a universal thread, so you can simply remove your existing shower and fix it in a breeze. This is definitely going to be a superb choice for your home, hotels, gyms, and more.

The showerhead comes in three shades: matte black, chrome, and brushed nickel.

It has a size of 3.2 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches, and it weighs just 13.4 lbs.

The early bird price of the showerhead on Kickstarter is $29, which is 20% less than its expected retail price of $49. The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers in November 2023.

Check out the video to see the water consumption comparison of the iBuee RainStorm. 

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