Hey Abby Automated Grow Box Gets a Black Edition in a Sleek Design

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Hey Abby’s famous fully-automated grow box gets a black edition.

Would you be excited to grow your plants in the black variant of the go-to, full-fledged little grow box?


The super cool black edition of the smart technology-rich grow box, as per the brand, has been realized to meet the immense user requests in the grower communities of the brand, which officially launched it on Kickstarter like its white predecessor back in 2022.

Beyond the color change, the new Abby Grow Box gets some impressive upgrades.

First things first, the grow box is equipped with Samsung’s award-winning LM301H EVO Grow LED, which is capable of perfectly optimizing the growing light inside the box so that you get the right atmosphere for growing your plants indoors.

View the Hey Abby Black Grow Box Here

Abby GrowBox Black Collage

Moreover, the new black edition features a sleek and compact design.

Different from the white version’s single USB port, the new black grow box has three USB ports to support more add-ons like dryers, humidifiers, fans, and so on. The USB ports include a pair of 5W units and a single 10W unit.

The Abby mobile app has also been upgraded with an exclusive UI to match the black edition.

As per the brand, their engineers have been facing a basic challenge in designing the black edition. A grow box should ideally be white inside to optimize the right reflection of the grow light inside.

That is why they took some time and tried with 30+ iterations to finalize the new DualTone Layering technology that brings the black outside to contribute to the aesthetic appeal, while the inner side is white to reflect the light and let the plants grow with no issues.

DualTone Layering Technology

The Price and Availability

The launch special price of the full-fledged, go-to grow box is around $1000, which, as per the brand, is 40% off of its retail price of $1600. Shipping to the backers will start in April 2024.

What is the Abby Grow Box?

If you are new to hearing about Abby’s Grow Box, it is simply a smart indoor growing ecosystem that works on the innovative Deep Water Culture (CWC) technology, which is an impeccable hydroponic system that can ensure better efficiency and growth for your plants indoors.

The smart, low-footprint gardening ecosystem packs everything required to grow your plants inside the box. Thanks to the right combination of industry-best cutting-edge technologies, the grow box can ideally stimulate sunlight, airflow, and, of course, automatic watering to add to your comfort in growing your favorite plants indoors even if you don’t have a green thumb.


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