Hearth Display Family Bulletin Board Versus Paper Calendars, Whiteboards and Disjointed Apps

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It is time to say goodbye to whiteboards, paper calendars, sticky notes on your fridges, and even family mobile apps in the duty of family task management. Here is the Hearth Display Family Bulletin Board. This 27-in digital calendar is an incredible replacement for all the conventional techniques of home organization.

Hearth Display is capable of combining all your task management and daily chore information into one awesome place. You can mount the digital touchscreen on your home wall and everybody in the family can directly feed the information into it and easily access the schedules and chores for the day.

It features a native calendar and you can also integrate your existing Google Calendar feed into it smoothly through the included mobile app. This certainly gives you freedom from the discomfort of accessing vital task management information from the disjointed mobile apps, chaotic sticky notes, whiteboards, and so on.

Hearth Display Features



  • 27-In Digital Task Manager and Organizer 
  • Individual Profiles for Family Members.
  • Shared Lists for To-Dos and Groceries.
  • Integrates Existing Calendars.
  • Companion App for Easy Management.
  • Multiple Frame Finishes for Your Interior.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-Enabled.
  • Wipeable and Anti-Glare Screen.


  • Wall-Mountable Task Manager. 
  • Expensive Digital Organizer. 
  • Available for Pre-Order Only. 
  • Shipping Expected in May 2023.
Price and Release Date Update: Hearth Display is launched on Indiegogo in June 2022 with an early bird price of $540, 22% Off of its MSRP of $699. Its maker plans to start shipping it to the backers by May 2023. 

As of writing this, the project has accumulated over 400K USD from more than 800 backers with 29 days more for the campaign to end. Check out the link below to pre-order the digital home organizer. 


The package includes a unit of Hearth Display, a wall mount, and a power cord. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the product until its general sale kickstarts in the summer of next year. 

Disclaimer: Being a product seeking crowdfunding, this may currently exist in a prototype only. A design change, delivery delay, and even price differences can be expected for crowdfunded projects by when they are ready for shipping after mass production.

Hearth Display Specs at a Glance

As said above, Hearth Display is a 27-inch 1080p touchscreen that runs on Android, and it comes in multiple frame finishes of wood veneer, matte white, and matte black to match your interior.

The digital task manager features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to let you integrate the existing Google calendar (Outlook and iCal on the way) and connect the app to it. The display is a wipeable and anti-glare touchscreen and its thinner profile will make it sit neatly on your wall. Ethernet connectivity is also available for hardwiring.

Hearth Display Features

How to Set Up Hearth Display?

It is very easy to set up the digital task manager in your home. First, you need to fix the included mounting bracket on the wall you need to place the display. It is easier than installing a TV and you can yourself set it up in a matter of time, if not you prefer to get it done by the service team.

After the installation, you need to set up the connectivity either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Setting up the account is easily possible by scanning the personalized QR code.

That is almost done. You can now integrate the existing Google Calendar into the system through the mobile app and invite your family members. You can add tasks and schedules directly to the system on its touchscreen or smoothly sync your mobile data with the use of the mobile app.

Hearth Display Installation

Final Thoughts

That has been our overview of the Hearth Display Family Bulletin Board.

It is an amazing product of the kind and is a super cool replacement for sticky notes and whiteboards in the task of home organization. Even kids can easily manage the device to schedule their activities without the help of an adult. Share your thoughts about Hearth Display in the comments below.


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