GoodEgg Egg Wash: The Most Practical Egg Wash Brush for Backyard Eggs

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It has never been easier to clean your backyard eggs. We have been using silicone brushes or bare hands to clean backyard eggs for years.

The new game-changing invention by the homesteading couple Amy and Bryce has realized a long-cherished and amazingly practical egg brush that can offer unparalleled comfort and ease on the job.

It is the GoodEgg, a half-egg-shaped silicone structure with hundreds of nubs inside to put mild pressure on an egg to remove its muddy and poopy sediments. The product, along with the GoodEgg enzyme egg wash, can be the perfect and simplest-ever invention to clean a backyard egg in a stylish way.

GoodEgg was launched on Kickstarter for crowdfunding in August 2023.

It was extensively supported by backers on the platform, where it could collect more than 3000 backers.

The price of the product is $16, and along with the cleaning agent, it is $36.

Its maker expects to start shipping it to the backers in September 2023.

Check out the GoodEgg introduction video below. And read the ABC4 and DigitalJournal articles on the GoodEgg egg washer here.


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