Gavita Vs Luxx LED Vs Grower’s Choice: The Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Growing

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There are a lot of brands that sell incredible LED grow lights. Gravita, Luxx, and Grower’s Choice are indeed some of the best performers with an amazing collection of grow lights for indoor growing.

We would like to check out some of the coolest products of the vendors in our Gravita Vs Luxx Vs Grower’s Choices LED grow lights.

All the brands have a wide range of high-performing LED grow lights on sale. You can surely find the right grow light from the brands whether it is for home gardening or commercial horticulture.

In our article, we would like to narrow down a handful of the best grow lights from the brands.


Gavita Pro 1700E LED Grow Light

  • 8-Bar Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light.  
  • 645W Replacement to a 1000W HPS Light.
  • Higher Light Output of 1700 Umol/S.
  • Coverage of 4 x 4 Ft to 5 x 5 Ft.  
  • 2.6 Umol/J Higher Efficacy. 

Luxx 645W LED Pro Grow Light

  • 6-Bar Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light.  
  • 645W Light With Foldable and Locking Design.
  • Samsung and Osram Chips and Divers. 
  • All-in-One and IP66-Waterproof Design.
  • Manual and Auto-Dimming Features.

Grower’s Choice ROI-E680S Grow Light

Grower's Choice ROI-E680S grow light BUY IT HERE
  • 6-Bar Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light.
  • 680W Light with a Slimmer Profile.
  • Decent Efficiency of 2.6 umol/j.
  • 1770 umol/s Total Light Output.
  • 4 x 4 Ft to 5 x 5 Ft Footprint.

Gavita Vs Luxx LED Vs Grower’s Choice

These are the three main brands of LED grow lights. Mostly developed and tested by real gardeners, the lights from all the brands are indeed high-quality choices for you. Stay tuned for our take on the coolest LED grow lights from the key brands; Luxx Lighting, Gavita, and Grower’s Choice.

Gavita LED Grow Lights

Gavita has long been a key brand in HPS grow lights with a presence across the world. The brand offers a variety of horticultural grow lights for both single fixtures and large greenhouses. It has recently entered the area of LED grow lights with some outstanding models.

Its collection of LED growing lights is affordable units with good efficiency of 2.6 μmol s-1 per watt. Gavita Pro 1700e LED is a notable model, which comes with a new LED fixture with higher efficiency. It is, in fact, a full-term LED grow light that can guarantee you better yields.

It features an eight-bar alignment, which makes it perfect for low rooms, grow tents, and vertical spaces. The light can be dimmed up to 50% with no loss in output once coupled with the brand’s E-Series LED adapter. Check out the 645W LED grow light on the link below.



Gavita CT 2000e is another impressive model. This compact growing light is having a footprint to make it seamlessly fit in the layout of the brand’s Pro 1000e HPS light. The 780W light can deliver an impressive output of 2000 µmol/s to ensure enough lighting for your plants.

The Pro 900e LED is another famous eight-bar grow light from Gavita. The 345W light can pull out full-spectrum light to nourish the growth of your plants indoors.  Gavita CT 1930e LED and UVT LED are other key models from the brand with interesting features.

Luxx LED Grow Lights

Luxx Lighting is another major brand of LED grow lights. Based out in California, Luxx is run by a team of hands-on indoor gardeners and the brand has on sale a wide range of unique HPS and LED grow lights. We would like to check its LED lights here.

Luxx 645W LED Pro is a nice product from the brand. It is made of high-quality beads and drivers from leading brands like Osram and Samsung. The six-bar grow light features 2226 LED diodes and a lens angle of 120 degrees. Check out the Luxx grow light on GrowersHouse below.



The next cool model from Luxx is an 18W Clone LED grow light. This is an ideal replacement for a T5 fluorescent tube light and you get it in two pieces in a bundle. The fully-waterproof light has a lifespan of 54000 hours with a warranty of 5 years.

The Luxx 860W LED Pro XR 120-277V and 860W LED Pro XR 480V are two other impressive grow lights from the brand. They are new workhorse light fixtures for industrial uses. These models are made of the brand’s Luxx 645 Pro platform but have got a pair of extra 100W LED bars for better coverage and PPFD uniformity.

Grower’s Choice LED Grow Lights

Finally, we have Grower’s Choice. It is also a notable vendor of a variety of horticultural lights like HPS and LED. Here, we would like to check out some of its coolest LED grow lights for indoors.

First of all, we have the vendor’s most popular ROI-E680S grow light, which is simply an improved makeover of its ROI-E680 legacy. The 680W grow light is up with a number of impressive features like good-quality internal components, a sleek profile, and advanced controller capabilities.

It has an efficiency of 2.6 umol/j and a total light output of 1770 umol/s. It can offer coverage of 4 x 4 ft to 5 x 5 ft. Check out the cool grow light on the link below.

Grower's Choice LED ROI-E680S grow light


The next is ROI-E200 grow light. It is a new member of the family of ROI-E grow lights with 200 watts power draw and 4000K spectrum. The light is an ideal choice for commercial applications that need reliable low-profile grow lights to boost plant growth in all phases.

The ROI-E420 LED grow light is another cool choice from Grower’s Choice. This high-performing light is a cost-effective solution and is suitable for both home and commercial horticulture. As you see, it is a 420W light and it can offer an output of 1090 umol/s.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Gavita Vs Luxx LED Vs Grower’s Choice LED grow lights. As you see, all the brands are leading names in offering quality HPS and LED horticulture growing lights.

We have covered the top-seller LED lights of all the brands and so it will be easy for you to find the best models easily. Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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