FreshDefendHome Smart Countertop System: Keep Your Fruits and Vegetables Fresh for a Longer Period

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It is time to say goodbye to the traditional countertop fruit and vegetable bowls.

Here is a smart solution to preserve the real freshness of fruits and vegetables without refrigeration. That is FreshDefendHome by the GreenLifeTech Team. It is an innovative smart countertop fruit and vegetable storage system that can extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables manifold.

FreshDefendHome works by reducing the presence of oxygen inside the container to less than 0.5%, which helps slow down the process of ripening. So you can safely store fruits and vegetables in the countertop storage facility and keep them fresh for up to five times longer.

The countertop container is a small, lightweight, and compact device that you can also carry on your trips and outings. That is how it becomes a cool pick for a wide range of users, like health-conscious individuals, singles, married people, empty-nesters, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The product was launched on Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign. It has an early bird price of $289 after a discount of 28% off its retail price of $399. The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers in March 2024. Yes, you need to wait a little longer to go hands-on with the unique product.

FreshDefendHome at a Glance

  • Smart Fruit and Vegetable Storage Facility. 
  • Portable and Countertop-Friendly Appliance. 
  • Keeping Freshness of Produces Five Times Longer. 
  • Simple and Easy-to-Use Countertop Appliance. 
  • Optional Ozone Generator to Kill Bacteria. 
  • Built-in LED Light with a Switch.  

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FreshDefendHome – The First Look

As per its maker, FreshDefendHome can enable you to store fast-decaying produce safely.

Without the need for refrigeration or other complex installations, you can simply put your fruits and veggies in the container and let them stay fresh for several days.

As per the details provided on Kickstarter, the device can store fruits like plums, oranges, and apples fresh for up to 60 days; cucumbers, tomatoes, pears, and avocados for up to 30 days; bananas for up to 10 days; and strawberries for up to 21 days.

FreshDefendHome Features

Moreover, as stated above, it has an optional ozone-based facility for destroying harmful bacteria on your produce. The ozone generator generates a low dosage of ozone (1 PPM) inside the container to eliminate the bacteria.

FreshDefendHome is Capable of

  • Ensuring Quality, Fresh Veggies and Fruits.
  • Destroying Harmful Bacteria on Your Produce.
  • Reducing Food Waste and Saving Money.
  • Replacing your Traditional Fruits Bowls.
  • Carrying Fresh Fruits and Veggies on the Go
  • Preserving the Freshness of Opened Wine Bottles.

FreshDefendHome also comes with a snap-on connector and different sizes of compatible portable containers. You can use the connector to turn the container into an extended version of the product. Also, you can use the optional wine stopper to preserve the freshness of a bottle of opened wine.

The Main Image Credit: GreenLifeTech


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