Flaamy Equo: A Portable Pellet Oven with a Unique Combustion Technology That Keeps Flames Away from Foods

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Flaamy Equo is a revolutionary portable combustion ‘eco-oven’ from an Italian startup.

Featuring an innovative Easy-Flame bio-burner, the combustion oven, as per the brand, can bring down fine particle emissions by a whopping 90%, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly combustion oven compared to regular biomass stoves.

The Equo works on a patented indirect cooking method that, unlike traditional biomass stoves, can prepare your meals in an oven-like condition where flames never come into direct contact with foods. It simply gives you the freedom to prepare a wide range of food items, including baked ones like pizzas, cakes, and more.

Well, the oven comes with easy controls that you can use to easily adjust its temperature range, which spans from 120°C to 500°C.  The Flaamy Equo weighs under 30 kg, which makes it not heavy for your outdoor life.

Check Out the Flaamy Equo Eco-Oven Here

Flaamy Equo – The Main Attractions

  • Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Combustion Oven.
  • Temperature Range of 120°C to 500°C.
  • Portable Oven with a Removable Cart.
  • Ceramic Fiber Insultiatn for Safety.
  • Easy-Flame Burner for Perfect Cooking.
  • Timeless Design with a Quality Build.
  • Compact and Ready-to-Cook Oven. 

As per its maker, the eco-oven is made to be timeless. Yes, with its simple mechanism and high-quality build, it can work for longer, and thanks to its portable design with a detachable cart, you can take it anywhere on your camping and outdoor trips and prepare your favorite meals with minimal harm to nature.

The oven has been launched on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. Early bird buyers can get it at a discounted rate of around $900 on the crowdfunding platform, where it has already attracted almost 300 backers as of this writing. The brand expects to start shipping it to the backers in March 2024.

Watch the Flaamy Equo introduction video below. Video Credit: Flaamy.It

Check out the Flaamy Eqo press release here


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