Everday Steam Closet: A Multifunctional Steam Cleaner to Dry, Refresh, and De-wrinkle Your Garments

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Not always a full wash is necessary for a piece of clothing that is used only once and is less dirty.

Steam cleaning is indeed an amazing way to refresh such garments, de-wrinkle them, and get rid of nasty smells. But full-fledged steam cleaners like the LG Styler and Samsung AirDresser are very expensive and bulky appliances, exactly like traditional washing machines.

It is here that we have an incredible, easy-to-use, and affordable product for steam cleaning your less-used garments. It is the Everday Steam Closet, a revolutionary way to take care of your garments with the power of steam.

The Everday is a multifunctional steam cleaner that can right away replace three everyday appliances: a dry cleaner, a hand-held iron, and a tumble dryer, at least in the case of steam cleaning.

The best part is that the Everday Steam Closet is collapsible into a suitcase-style form so you can easily take it anywhere on your trips and travels.

The Everday Steam Cloest is launched on Kickstarter, where it starts at just $169 as an early bird offer. The price is only a fraction of the high-end steam cleaning systems from the premier brands.

The retail price of the device is $299, and you can pre-order it on the crowdfunding platform with a discount of 43%. The brand expects to start shipping it to users in September 2023.

Check Out the Everday Steam Closet Here

  • A Hands-Free and Tumble-Free Steam Closet.
  • Drying, De-Wrinkling, and Refreshing of Clothes.
  • Collapsible into a Suitcase Form for Portability.
  • Easy-to-Use and Install with Minimal Footprint.
  • Big Enough to Accommodate Six Shirts at a Time.
  • Faster Steaming and Drying Intervals.
Disclaimer: I haven’t personally gone hands-on with the Everday steam closet, but the beta testers of the product, in the brand’s videos, are seen setting it up quickly in its suitcase-style base. It looks like you can simply set up the closet on its poles and get started with the steam washing in a matter of time.

Everday Steam Washer

Why Should You Buy an Everday Steam Closet?

The Everday product is a hands-free solution for refreshing your garments without doing laundry in your washing machine.

A full wash won’t always be required for our dresses that are not really dirty. A simple steam wash will be quite enough to clean them.

It is where you can rely on the Everday Steam Closet to clean and freshen up your dresses in a simple way. Well, it can refresh your clothes in half an hour by undergoing the processes of de-wrinkling, drying, and adding your favorite scents to the garments.

What’s more, with a combination of steam and heat, the Everday can eliminate up to 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses on your garments.

Also, it can double as a dryer, which means you can dry up your clothes without tumbling as it is in regular dryers. So, overall, Everday can perfectly do the below things for you.

  • Quick refreshing of your clothes in 30 minutes.
  • 99% sanitization of your dress from bacteria and viruses.
  • Gentle drying without the traditional way of tumbling.
  • Personalized scenting option with a scent box.
  • Additional closet space to store your dresses.
  • Steam washing is possible in a rather cheaper way.

Check Out the Everday Steam Closet Here

Image Credit: The Everday Steam Closet Kickstarter Page


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