Eden Tower Vertical Garden: Smart Hydroponic Tower Garden with Stackable Layers

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The Eden Tower Vertical Garden is a hydroponic indoor garden from the Canada-based start-up Hope Innovations. It is a fully-automatic, self-watering garden with stackable layers for growing a green garden in your interior. It is capable of growing a garden every 30 days throughout the year to always ensure you homegrown greens.

The Eden tower garden, a cool alternative to Gardyn and iHarvest, is indeed a full-fledged, all-in-one garden that will take up only a small footprint in your interior. But it can grow your greens and herbs at a faster pace letting you nurture a garden every 30 days. Thanks to its modular design, you can expand it up with extra layers.


Hope Innovations has unveiled the product on Kickstarter. In its early bird pricing, a single-layer garden comes at $199 and it can grow four plants. The 4-layered garden costs $400 and you can nurture up to 16 plants in it.

Eden Tower Vertical Garden At a Glance

Eden Tower Vertical Garden

  • Smart Modular Vertical Tower Garden.
  • Stackable with Four Layers to Grow 16 Plants.
  • Self-Watering System with LED Grow Lights.
  • Perfect for Growing Herbs and Greens Faster.
  • 30-Day Herbal Gardens Throughout the Year.

Eden Tower Vertical Garden

The Eden tower garden is basically a single-layer planter, which is expandable with up to four layers. As stated above, a single layer can accommodate up to four plants, so you can grow a total of 16 plants if you have it with all the stackable layers.

The single-layer features a 50W LED grow light and every additional layer gets the same grow light to perfectly distribute the sunlight-like full-spectrum lighting over the plants. Each layer comes up with PH strips, a 24-hour timer, fertilizer for six months, hydroponic pumps, and patented planting cups.

Well, the Eden Tower vertical garden can grow your plants twice faster than they do in the ground, thanks to the hydroponic systems. Hence, you can get a full crop of herbs and leaves in a month, irrespective of the climatic conditions outdoors. Yes, you are lucky to have an evergreen home garden indoors.

As per its maker, a single-layer garden can produce 288 servings of lettuce a year, while a full-fledged four-layer garden can produce 1152 servings of the same.

Coming to other specs, the vertical garden has got a 30L water tank at the bottom and the water pump inside is a 4W unit. The overall structure will take up only 2.8 sq. ft of space in your interior.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Eden Tower Vertical Garden. It is indeed one of the cool alternatives to iHarvest and Gardyn. The brand has launched the product on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. It expects to start shipping it to the backers by October 2022. Share your thoughts about the tower garden in the comments below.


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