EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra: The Second Edition of Delta Pro with a Massive 6-90kWh Battery and 7.2-21.6kW Output for January 2024 Release

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This article has been refreshed on November 1, 2023, with the latest inputs.

Putting an end to the rumors about the second edition of Delta Pro, a possible Delta Pro 2, EcoFlow has announced an upgrade to its flagship solar power station. It is branded as EcoFlow Detla Pro Ultra, a whole-house home battery that can be the brand’s competitor to Bluetti’s EP900, EP800, Anker’s Solix F3800, and Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Pro.


The new model in the Delta series is a massive 6 kWh/90 kWh power station. Starting with a single battery of 6 kWh, you can add up to 15 units to take its capacity to the maximum and ensure backup power for your entire house, EV, and more. As per the brand, for a standard American household, a fully-capacity Delta Pro Ultra can provide backup power for up to 30 days.

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Though slated for a January 2024 release, you can get a coupon worth $1500 right now on the EcoFlow website. It costs only $300, and it will give you a discount of $1500 when the Delta Pro Ultra is on sale on January 9, 2023.

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November 1, 2023: The Detla Pro Ultra Release Date Update: EcoFlow has announced the release date of the next generation of its much-loved Delta Pro home battery pack. The new model will hit stores on January 9, 2024. 

Hot Update on October 18, 2023

EcoFlow has announced the arrival of a new whole-house solar battery called the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra, perhaps the next generation of the brand’s famous Dleta Pro battery.

The new battery is to feature a massive 6-90 kWh capacity and an incredible output of 7.2-21.6 kWh at 120 and 240 volts.

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The Delta Pro Ultra was on display at IFA 2023 in Germany. 

Why the Delta Pro Ultra?

The inverter output the Delta Pro Ulta offers is a whopping 7200 watts, with a peak capacity of up to 10800 watts for 10 seconds. 

Pairing the machine with the brand’s new Smart Panel 2, you can triple the inverter output up to a matchless 21600 watts, giving you a chance to run the entire household appliances, including a 3-ton air conditioner, from the backup power in case of a prolonged outage.

(Fine, you can connect three Delta Pro Ultra inverters to a single SP2, and each inverter can be attached to five battery packs.)

Likewise, you can also increase the solar input of the battery up to three times with an incredible combination of high- and low-voltage inputs.

Well, with a single unit of the Delta Pro, you can achieve a solar input of up to 5600 watts, while as you pair three units together, you can triple it up to an unparalleled 16800 watts, which makes it collect the backup power for an entire day with an hour’s sunlight, using as many as 42 units of 400-watt solar panels.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Release Date

EcoFlow Delta Pro History

EcoFlow launched the first-generation Delta Pro in 2021, and it has obviously been one of the most successful products of the brand since then. All other brands, including Bluetti, Jackery, Anker, and even Goal Zero, later launched impressive competitors to the Delta Pro.

Goal Zero’s brand-new Yeti 4000 Pro is one of the recent launches to defy the dominance of the Delta Pro in both the portable and home battery markets. The new Goal Zero highlights increased battery capacity and better solar and AC charging inputs.

Bluetti has indeed been raising big threats to the Delta Pro with its AC300, AC500, and EP800 battery packs. When Bluetti has multiple exclusive home battery setups like the EP800 and EP900, EcoFlow has been offering the Delta Pro as both the portable and home battery system for a while.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra (1)

EcoFlow Detla Pro Ultra vs. EcoFlow Delta Pro

We have only the basic specs of the new generation Delta Pro Ultra available as of this writing.

Based on that, the new model is a massive power station with a primary battery capacity of 6 kWh and a 7200-watt inverter with dual voltage options of 120 and 240 volts.

You can take the storage capacity up to an unparalleled 90 kWh, while the output can be expanded up to 21.6 kW, perhaps by pairing three base models.

As you can see, it is indeed a massive jump from what we have with the brand’s current flagship, the Delta Pro.

The Delta Pro packs a 3.6 kWh battery, and it can be expanded up to a maximum of 25 kWh only by including the Smart Gas Generator in the package. And the inverter is a 3600-watt unit, and you can only double that by pairing two base units.

EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Release Date

The new Delta Pro Ultra is slated for official release on its website in January 2024.

Early bird coupons for the battery are available on its website starting in the first week of November 2023.

Against expectations, the new model won’t be on sale for EcoFlow Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 deals.

Is EcoFlow Delta Pro 2 in the Making?

Notice: This part of the article has actually become meaningless with the launch of the new Delta Pro Ultra, seemingly an upgrade to the brand’s flagship Delta Pro.

Can we soon expect a second upgrade to the Delta Pro? Maybe the new Delta Pro 2 will either meet both home storage and portable needs rather perfectly or have two separate editions for home and portable power needs. What do you think?

The brand has already launched second upgrades to many of its mid-size and compact models, like the Delta 2, Delta 2 Max, the River 2, River 2 Pro, and River 2 Max. But, as you know, the main upgrade in all these batteries was the battery type, from lithium to LiFePO4.

When it comes to the Delta Pro, the device has already been one of the first LFP power stations over there, so what new features can we expect with its possible second upgrade, the EcoFlow Delta Pro 2?

Of course, features like better solar and AC charging speeds, more modular features for home power, and some aesthetic and portable attributes will most likely be the attractions of the new Delta Pro 2.

Let us wait and see what EcoFlow has up its sleeve while upgrading its flagship power station in competition with rivaling models from other brands.


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