DozBox: A Sleep Box That Can Elevate Your Sleep with Five Types of Soothing White Noises Like Waves, Rain, and Bird Chirping

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Whenever I go sleepless after some heavy workouts for my back or legs at an evening gym session (something really special for me, as workouts for wings and thighs at times take my ‘energy’ levels to new heights), I manage it with a tune of white noise, often rain and thunder, playing on YouTube on my mobile, and it will keep playing until I wake up for a midnight pee.

Now it seems I can save my phone from the hectic and sleepless task of playing a lullaby as I get a dedicated device for the task that I recently came across on Kickstarter.


It is DozBox from Melody Schmidt.

The little sound-bar-like device, with its wooden exterior, comes with as many as five types of white noises, covering all popular tunes of its kind like rain, waves, birds chirping, and a low-frequency meditation tune to make me sleep with an elevated range of slumber and cure up my muscles faster for the next day’s workout session.

More Than a Sleep Enhancer

DozBox is more than a sleep box, though. Apart from helping you elevate your sleep experience with soothing white noise, the elegant boxy device features MegaSafe and a number of other charging options to support up to five devices at the same time.

The MegaSafe works for Androids with an add-on magnetic ring, while it has three wireless chargers to provide your always-busy devices with some serious rest from the tangled cables on your bedroom table and when you fall into serious sleep.

The device supports the iPhone Pro 15 Pro Max perfectly, and you can simply put your watches and earpods to rest on top of it to further ensure a really deep dive into your sleep.

DozBox Sleep Box

Dual Speakers, Ambient Light, and Remote Controller

DozBox incorporates two speakers to beautifully fill your room with white noise, and Bluetooth 5.0 makes sure that you can further amplify the sound if you wish to.

The ambient light makes it a replacement for your bedroom light, and an alarm is also there that comes with a time display, a multi-alarm option, snooze mode, and more.

A remote controller is also included, so you don’t need to leave your bed to manage all its functions.

Installation of the device is trouble-free, as it features double tape for sticking to your wall.

DozBox How to Use It

DozBox Price and Release Date

The DozBox is on sale on Kickstarter with an early bird deal of $60, and the maker plans to start shipping to the backers in January 2024.

As of this writing, the product has attracted over 2000 backers, with 20+ days to go for the campaign to end.

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