Click and Grow Vs. AeroGarden Smart Home Gardens: A Quick Glance at Click and Grow 25 and Farm 24XL and Other Models

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Click and Grow and AreoGarden are two leading innovators of smart indoor gardens.

Both brands offer a wide range of high-tech smart gardening solutions to make indoor growing a breeze for all. In this article on Click and Grow vs. AeroGarden, I would like to compare two of the brands’ cool products – Click and Grow 25 Garden and AeroGarden Farm 24XL.

The Click and Grow 25-pod smart garden comes up with a patented tray system, which makes you insert the new seed pod trays from one end and harvest crops from the other end. So you can keep a continuous garden indoors and enjoy fresh greens and herbs throughout the year.

The Farm 24XL is a 24-pod indoor garden from AeroGarden. As you see, it is a part of the brand’s popular Farm family of hydroponic indoor gardens. Let us have a look at the gardens below.

Click and Grow 25 Indoor Garden

Click and Grow 25 Indoor Garden BUY IT HERE
  • 25-Plant Indoor Garden with a Highly Modular Profile
  • Unique Addable Tray System for Continuous Harvest.
  • Stackable Indoor Garden with Up to Three Units.
  • Automatic Watering and Lighting Facilities.
  • App-Based Garden for Full Control and Monitoring.
  • A Pair of 16W LED Lamps for Perfect Lighting.

AeroGarden Home Garden Farm 24XL

AeroGarden Home Garden Farm 24XL
  • 24-Plant Smart Hydroponic Growing Planter. 
  • Energy-Efficient 60W Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights.
  • Wi-Fi and Alexa-Enabled Smart Countertop Garden.
  • High-Resolution Touchscreen Control Panel.
  • Available in Multiple Height Options.  

Click and Grow 25 Indoor Garden

Click and Grow 25, as its name says, is a 25-plant modular indoor planter with stackable layers to let you increase the number of plants.

It features a unique tray system, in which you can remove the trays with full-grown plants from one end and insert fresh trays with new seed pods on the other.

The plants on the removed trays will be able to stay fresh for up to one week on your kitchen countertop or table. Hence, you get a relaxed time to include them in your diet, and at the same time, if you have fresh trays, you can keep growing new plants for future use.

Modular Indoor Garden

Click and Grow 25 indoor garden is special with its modular design. As said above, you can stack up to three units of the planter to take the production to a number of 75 plants overall.

Its maker recommends a single unit for a single-person family, two units for a couple, and three units for a family with two kids.

Energy and Space-Efficient Garden

Yes, a single unit of Click and Grow takes up only 3.2 sq ft of room on your kitchen countertop. Once you stack more units up, you save surface space but multiply the growing space with each unit added.

In addition, a single unit of the planter consumes only 200 kWh, worth $24, of power a year. That is, you are required to spend only a few bucks overall to grow a plant indoors compared to many of its competitors.

Click and Grow 25 Indoor Garden for Home Growing
Image Credit: Click and Grow


Automatic Watering and Lighting

The Click and Grow indoor garden equips a quality watering and lighting system, as well. For perfect lighting over your plants, you get industry-grade LED lights with a pair of 16-watt LED lamps. They can perfectly distribute the light over the plants to boost their 365-day growth.

Meanwhile, the watering system is also a quality one. The brand claims that the automatic watering system helps the plants grow 30% faster than what is in regular agriculture. The system takes approximately five liters of water per week to keep your plants flourishing always.

Mobile App for Full Control

You get a mobile app with the Click and Grow planter to have full and comfortable control of the system.

You can manage its lighting, get water status notifications, general plant info, personalized recommendations, plant tips, and updates, and so on in the palm of your hands.

Image Credit: Click and Grow

Click and Grow 25 Indoor Garden Specs

Click and Grow 25 indoor garden actually comes with six removable trays for each module. You can set aside one tray for either harvesting or seed storing for future insertion. The rest five go with one module at a time.

One such tray has five slots for seeds, so the total number of plants a module can hold at a time is 25.

The overall size of a module is 29 x 16 x 20.6 in and, as said above, it has a floor area of 3.2 sq. ft. You can pile up a maximum of three modules vertically, thus ensuring 70 plants overall in one go.

AeroGarden Farm Family 24XL Garden

As you know, AeroGarden is a top player in the segment of smart indoor gardens. It offers a wide range of gardens with different plant slots, ranging from a 3-pod Sprout to a 24-pod Farm Family.

Here, we have the 24XL variant of the Farm Family garden.

The Farm 24 series comes up in multiple options as per their heights. The Farm 24 Basic, Farm 24 Plus, and Farm 24XL are the models in the series and they have the dimensions of 24-in, 34-in, and 46-in respectively.

AeroGarden Home Garden Farm 24XL Indoor Garden

It is actually a hydroponic growing solution so you don’t require soil to grow plants indoors. Like all similar smart gardens, it has a fully automatic function with self-watering and growing lights.

The 60-watt full-spectrum LED grow lights can create a sunlight-like atmosphere in your smart garden for the plants to thrive. Moreover, the system also features Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity options, letting you have real-time access to plant monitoring.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite vs. Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

This part of the article is meant to compare two popular countertop gardens from both brands: the AeroGarden Harvest Elite and the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9.

The former is a 6-pod indoor garden, while the latter, as its name suggests, is a 9-plant unit, and both are high-tech home gardening solutions with a range of incredible features.

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Well, I have used both of these systems indoors, and I have spent several months growing greens and fruits in both gardening systems, so I can share a real-life experience with them in this article.

Even if I am not a master at growing plants outdoors, it has been quite easier for me to produce fresh herbs and greens in these home garden systems, which is why they are engineered to be super cool for indoor gardening, even for a person with no green thumb or great passion for nurturing plants.

View Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 on Amazon Here

Using both of these systems, I feel that the Click and Grow model looks more modern with its sleek and stylish design. On the contrary, though a super practical system, the AeroGarden looks more mechanical and less impressive.

Clearly, from the lighting to the plant pods, the Click and Grow features a very modern design, while the AeroGarden alternative is not that impressive in form for me.

You can have a different view, but for me, the mark in the case of the design goes for the Click and Grow smart garden.

Ease of Use and Practicality

Both are hydroponic gardens so regular maintenance of any kind is barely required.

In the case of the AeroGarden home garden, you will need to refill the water on a weekly basis, at least in the initial stage. It is when Click and Grow looks like a set-it-and-forget system, as you will need to fill the water in two to three weeks only.

The Price and Plant Pod Cost

The 6-pod AeroGarden model is available at a price of around $150, while you need to spend $230 to get the 9-pod planter from Click and Grow. Regarding the price of the plant pods, both products are comparable, with both costing around $2 to $4 for a single pod.

AeroGarden vs. Click and Grow – Other Smart Gardens

Other than the two above models, both brands feature an awesome array of countertop-friendly indoor smart gardens. In this part of the article, I would like to invite your attention to the other popular models of smart gardens from AeroGarden and Click and Grow.

Click and Grow Smart Gardens

Set aside the 25-plant model, Click and Grow is well-known for a couple of its countertop home gardens. They are Smart Garden 3 and Smart Garden 9, which, as their names imply, are small and compact home gardens respectively with three and nine slots for plants.

The 9-plant variant has also got a pro iteration, which is an app-controlled unit, thanks to its built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

All these small-size, countertop-friendly Click and Grow gardens are indeed full-fledged home gardening solutions with automatic watering, fertilizing, and lighting technologies.

Moreover, Click and Grow sells two large-size vertical home gardens.

Click and Grow Smart Gardens

The Smart Garden 3 @ $76.96 
The Smart Garden 9 @ $177
The Smart Garden 9 Pro @ $223.26
The Smart Garden 27 @ $762
The Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden @ $2500

The Smart Garden 27 is one, which is basically a three-step wooden stand, where you can place three units of the Smart Garden 9 so that you can grow up to 27 plants at a time and place the overall structure at some corner of your home as a piece of attraction.

The Wall Farm Indoor Vertical Garden is another one, which is a full-fledged 51-plant vertical garden with three shelves fully stacked up.

It also features automatic watering and lighting so that you can use it to grow your favorite plants and greens in your home, hotel, store, office, and more.

AeroGarden Smart Home Gardens

AeroGarden, as you know, is a premium brand in the segment of smart home gardens. It offers more than a dozen of cutting-edge home gardens under the families of Sprout, Harvest, Bounty, and Farm. We have already had a detailed look at the 24-pod Farm Family 24XL Garden above, and let us have a glance at the other AeroGarden smart home gardens here.

AeroGarden Sprout is the entry-level home gardening solution from the brand. It is a 3-pod smart garden with an optimal 10W LED grow light that is adjustable up to 10 inches.

The Harvest family is the most popular series of home gardens from the brand. It is a series of 6-pod fully automatic smart home gardens and it appears in several variants with many attractive features and finishes.

AeroGarden Smart Gardens

AeroGarden Sprout with Gourmet Herbs Seed Kit
AeroGarden Harvest with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit
AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360
AeroGarden Harvest 360 with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit
AeroGarden Harvest Elite  
AeroGarden Bounty – Basic, Elite, and Bounty
AeroGarden Farm Family – 12XL, 24 Basic

Harvest Elite Slim, Harvest Slim, Harvest Elite 360, and Harvest XL are some of the best-selling models in the family.

The next is the Bounty family, a series of 9-pod full-featured smart home gardens. In common, the models in the series incorporate 30W LED grow lights that are adjustable up to 24 inches. You will be able to grow up to nine plants 5 times faster than soil.

Finally, the AeroGarden Farm family appears in two sizes – 12 pods and 24 pods.

We have already covered the 24XL variant above, and some of the popular other models in the family are Farm 12, Farm 12XL, Farm 24 Plus, and Farm 24 Basic.

Check out this article on AHealthySliceofLife for a detailed comparison of AeroGarden and Click and Grow gardens.


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