Click and Grow Black Friday Sale 2022: Save Up to 37% Discount on Click and Grow Gardens

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Click and Grow, the famous innovator of smart home gardens has surfaced its Black Friday 2022 deals. The brand is to deliver a discount of up to 37% on its leading products starting from November 1, 2022. We would like to check out the Black Friday deals of Click and Grow in detail here.

Click and Grow is known for its cool collection of smart indoor gardens. These smart home gardening systems help users grow fresh foods, herbs, and flowers inside their homes without the help of direct sunlight and regular watering.

In other words, these fully-automatic home gardens are fine choices for people without a green thumb to grow their favorite plants indoors without any hassle.

Smart Garden 3, Smart Garden 9, Smart Garden 9 Pro, Smart Garden 27, Click and Grow 25 and Click and Grow Wall Farm Vertical Garden are some of the automatic gardening systems from the brand. Most of these units along with plant pods and accessories are on sale for Black Friday 2022.

Explore the Black Friday 2022 deals below.

Click and Grow Black Friday Sale 2022

The brand is to sell its Smart Garden 3, Smart Garden 9, and Smart Garden 9 Pro with a discount of 30% from November 1. These are the brand’s countertop-friendly home gardens respectively with prices of around $100, $230, and $290 without the deal.

Smart Garden 3 is the entry-level smart home garden with slots for growing three plants, whereas Smart Garden 9 is its bigger variant with nine slots. Meanwhile, Smart Garden 9 Pro is an app-controlled edition of Smart Garden 9. All these units are indeed fully automatic, self-watering smart home gardens.

The next product Click and Grow has on sale for Black Friday is Smart Garden 27, which has got a cut of 37% off its current price of $800.

Smart Garden 27 is a bundle of three Smart Garden 9 units and a stand. That is you can place three units of the 9-pod smart gardens on a strong and elegant wooden stand in your interior.

Moreover, the brand offers a discount of 40% on all its plant pods for purchases of over 10 packs.


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