7 Best Inline Duct Fans for Grow Rooms: AC Infinity Vs Terrabloom Vs Vivosun Vs Hydrofarm

Best Inline Fans For Grow Rooms

Is an inline duct fan essential in your grow tent or room? Yes, it is always nice to set up an inline duct fan in your grow tent,  grow room, or greenhouse as there is …

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Best AeroGarden Smart Indoor Gardens: Harvest Elite Vs Harvest Elite Slim Home Gardens


AeroGarden is a major vendor of smart indoor home gardens. The brand offers indoor gardens in different models. AeroGarden Harvest is a series of 6-pod smart gardens with multiple variants. Here, we would like to …

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Orbit B-hyve XR Vs Rachio 3: What to Buy of the Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controllers?

Orbit B-Hyve XR Vs Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controllers

If you are looking at buying a Wi-Fi-enabled smart sprinkler controller, Orbit B-hyve XR and Rachio 3 are indeed the two great options to go for. With smart irrigation timers, it is easy to manage …

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AeroGarden Alternatives: Click and Grow, Idoo, Moistenland, and Gardyn Hydroponic Gardens

AeroGarden Alternatives

The idea of indoor growing is becoming a trend today. Many brands offer smarter, full-fledged hydroponic indoor planters. Aerogarden, Click and Grow, iDoo, Moistenland, and Gardyn are a few to name. AeroGarden is one of …

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Aerogarden Harvest Vs Bounty Home Gardens: The 6-Plant and 9-Plant Smart Home Gardens at a Glance


The Harvest and Bounty are AeroGarden’s series of 6-plant and 9-plant smart home gardens. Both line-ups appear in multiple variants with different sizes, features, and shades. In this article on Aerogarden Harvest Vs Bounty, we …

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