Hunter Vs Rain Bird Vs Orbit: The Best-Selling Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controllers for Residential Gardens

Hunter Vs Rain Bird Vs Orbit Smart Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controllers

Technology has really revolutionized home gardening and landscaping. We have a lot of smart, Wi-Fi-enabled irrigation systems on the market to make gardening a more convenient affair. In this article, I would like to introduce …

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Best Raised Metal Garden Beds for Vegetables: Vego Garden, Birdies, Olle, and Vegega Raised Gardens


Raised metal garden beds can change the overall look and feel of your home gardens. There are a lot of brands that offer impressive metal garden beds on the market. Though a little bit expensive, …

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Sol-Grow Solar Grow Light: A Solar-Powered Grow Light for Six Hours of Supplemental Lighting

Sol-Grow Solar Grow Light

A solar-powered LED growing light for outdoor gardening can be an incredible idea. Even in regions with plenty of sunlight, the sun-hungry plants and crops find it hard to get adequate natural lighting for better …

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9 Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Growing: Mars Hydro Vs Spider Farmer Vs ViparSpectra


A large number of vendors offer impressive LED grow lights for indoor gardens. We have already had a look at the best LED grow lights here. This is our comparison of the three leading vendors …

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7 Best Inline Duct Fans for Grow Rooms: AC Infinity Vs Terrabloom Vs Vivosun Vs Hydrofarm

Best Inline Fans For Grow Rooms

Is an inline duct fan essential in your grow tent or room? Yes, it is always nice to set up an inline duct fan in your grow tent,  grow room, or greenhouse as there is …

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Click and Grow Vs AeroGarden: Click and Grow 25 Vs AeroGarden Farm 24XL Smart Indoor Gardens

Click And Grow Vs AeroGarden

Click and Grow and AreoGarden are two leading innovators of smart indoor gardens. Both brands offer a wide range of high-tech smart gardening solutions to make indoor growing a breeze for all. In this article …

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Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller: A Smarter Way to Keep Your Lawn Green by Saving 30% of Water

Moen Smart Sprinkler Controller

Moen, the famous innovator of kitchen and bath faucets, has turned up with a cool gardening accessory in the form of a smart sprinkler controller. Officially unveiled at CES 2023, the new Moen Smart Sprinkler …

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