Best Automatic Watering Systems for Indoor Plants: Blumat Vs HydroSpike

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Automatic watering is a brilliant way to keep your indoor plants fresh and healthy always. If you are growing up plants in regular pots, it is great to equip them with reliable automatic watering systems. Many brands offer innovative irrigation systems for self-watering indoor plants.

Blumat and HydroSpike are two leading names in the segment. Both the brands have on sale a variety of simple, easy-to-install, and affordable units of automatic watering systems. In our take on Blumat Vs HydroSpike, we would like to narrow down the best model of the brands.

These automatic watering systems are not complex systems.

They make use of simple clay spikes and suction power to ensure the movement of water from a tank to the deep soil of the pots in your indoors or on a balcony or deck. In this article, you can have a look at the best such systems from the two leading brands.


Blumat Tropf Medium Complete Kit

Blumat Tropf Medium Complete Kit
  • Pack of 12 Pieces of 15-in Self-Watering Clay Cones.
  • Good-Quality Clay Cones with Suction Tubes.
  • Seven Meters of 8mm Water Carrying Tubes.
  • Tee Splitter, Hose Couple, and Hose End Piece.

Blumat Classic 15-Pack Watering Stakes

Blumat Classic 15-Pack Watering Stakes
  • Pack of 15 Pieces of Automatic Watering Stakes.
  • Standalone Houseplant Watering Units.
  • Ideal for Travellers and Homeowners on Vacation.
  • High-Quality Ceramic Cones and Suction Tubes.

Hydrospike HS-300 Self-Watering System

hydrospike hs-300 self-watering system
  • Automatic Watering Ceramic Spikes.
  • Perfect Deep Root Watering Solutions. 
  • Ideal for Indoor Plants, Balconies, and Greenhouses.
  • Available in Multiple Bundles and Options.
  • Simple and Easy to Use Watering Systems.

Blumat Vs HydroSpike Automatic Watering Systems

Blutmat and HydroSpike are indeed two remarkable innovators of automatic watering systems for indoor plants and greenhouses. If you are looking at investing in such a system, it is fine to have a look at the products from these brands before making a final decision.

1. Blumat Automatic Watering Systems

Blumat is a famous Austria-based vendor of automatic watering systems for indoor and balcony plants. The brand showcases various systems to automatically water your plants for water-saving, easy management, and other need-based watering solutions.

Some of its watering systems are Tropf Blumat, Classic, Easy, and Digital. We would like to check out the best of the brand’s incredible water irrigation systems for indoor plants below.

Tropf Blumat Self-Watering System

Tropf Blumat is the brand’s most popular self-watering mechanism for indoor plants. Consisting of only a handful of components, you get a very systematic self-watering solution for multiple pots inside your home or on the balcony.

The key components of the watering system are the much-touted clay cones. They are connected to either a water tank or pipe and they start to trickle water on the principle of osmotic pressure when the soil around the ceramic cones dries up.  Check out the product on the link below.

Check Out the 12-Pack Blumat Tropf Medium Box Kit Below.

Tropf Blumat Self-Watering System

Watering with Tropf is indeed a simple process and it prevents you from spilling over the floor as well as overwatering your favorite plants. The system only waters your plants as needed. It is also an expandable unit as you can add up to 500 drip points or clay cones.

Apart from indoor plants, Tropf Blumat is ideal for greenhouses, decks, raised garden beds, patios, and more. The brand offers the system in multiple packs with different numbers of ceramic cones, tanks, tubes, and other accessories. Use the link above to see all the popular Tropf bundles.

Tropf is available in popular choices like 6-Pack, 10-Pack, and 12-Pack options with and without water tanks and other accessories. Moreover, as said above, with adequate tubes and clay cones, you can also expand the system for a larger greenhouse garden.

Why Should You Buy

  • Non-Electric Automatic Drip Irrigation System.
  • High-Quality Ceramic Cones to Dispense Water.
  • Multiple Packs with Different Number of Cones.
  • Easy to Install, Automatic Watering System.
  • Perfect for Indoor Pots, Balconies, and Patio.

Blumat Classic Watering System

Blumat Classic is a simple and easy-to-use automatic watering system. It works by drawing water from any water tank and dispensing it in the pots with the help of clay cones and suction tubes. The Classic is available in two sizes; regular and XL with the latter being suitable for bigger pots.

Thanks to its simple design, you can set up Blumat Classic in a matter of time and it is perfect for self-watering plants when you are on a trip or vacation. The bigger the size of the storage tank, the longer Blumat Class can keep watering the plants automatically.

The Classic can dispense 75 ml of water in 24 hours, while its XL version can discharge 125 ml in the same period. The brand offers self-watering clones in packs of multiple counts. You can use a single piece in a regular pot and multiple pieces in a larger pot.

Check Out the 15-Piece Blumat Classic Watering Stakes Below. 

The installation of the Blumat Classis cones is very easy.

You just need to fill a unit of the Classic with water and fix it in the pot. Once you put the suction tube in a water tank, you are set with the cool automatic watering system. As long as the dry soil draws water from the cone it gets refilled from the tank by the suction power.

By the way, in a Blumat Classic Vs Tropf, the former is, first of all, a ready-to-use system. You can use it just out of the box in your pot. It is when Tropf requires some setup – though an easy step for everybody – before you start getting the advantage of self-watering.

Why Should You Buy

  • Easy to Use, Standalone Self-Watering Cones.
  • Available in Many Bundles of Various Units.
  • Ideal for Self-Watering Plants on Vacations.
  • High-Quality Clay Cones with Suction Tubes.
  • Available in Regular and XL Variants.

2. HydroSpike Automatic Watering Systems

HydroSpike is another brand of automatic watering system. It also offers Blumat-like ceramic spikes that can ensure optimal soil wetness via capillary action. The brand also features different bundles of cones and irrigation kits to make you self-water a variety of potted plants.

Its top-seller HydroSpike HS-300 is a three-piece automatic plant watering kit. It is a nice choice for keeping the plants in your indoor pots, patios, and balconies watered automatically. Three top-quality ceramic cones and suction tubes are included in it. Check it out on the link below.

HydroSpike’s Dripline System Starter Kit is another cool option you can go for to ensure the self-watering of your indoor plants. As you see, it is a complete kit of the automatic watering system, which includes ten pieces of the cones and other accessories for chaining them together.

Well, apart from the drippers, the kit contains the required tube lining and elbow T-connectors so that you can set up an automatic watering system for up to 10 pots. You need to set up a water source with a tank for the spikes to collect water.

The HydroSpike ClaySpike is a pack of four terracotta spikes. They are 7-in longer clay cones with automating dripping features and are standalone units that you can connect to glass wine bottles for water. A single piece with a wine bottle can give sufficient water for a plant in a pot.

Why Should You Buy

  • Automatic Watering Ceramic Spikes.
  • Perfect Deep Root Watering Solutions. 
  • Ideal for Indoor Plants, Balconies, and Greenhouses.
  • Available in Multiple Bundles and Options.
  • Simple and Easy to Use Watering Systems.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Blumat Vs HydroSpike automatic watering systems. We have covered some of the best-seller products from the brands. It will hopefully help you find the best system for your indoor pots, patios, decks, and more. Share your thoughts in the comments.


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