Bloomengine S•Pot Self-Watering Pot: Self-Watering Indoor Planter Pot to Elevate Your Greenery

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Are you a plant parent that looks to restyle your indoor greenery in a modern look?

Then, Bloomengine S•Pot, a smart, self-watering indoor pot is for you. It is an amazing product of the kind in its design, function, and ease of use.


Along with auto-watering, S•Pot highlights quality LED grow lights to ensure that your plants stay healthy all the time around. Even if you leave home or the office for a vacation, you can come back to see your lovely plants fresh and healthy.

Bloomengine S•Pot Self-Watering Pot

S•Pot is actually a very functional and elegant indoor planter pot. Different from the new line of smart planters, you can use it to grow any existing plant. Made like a traditional hurricane lamp, it is a very lightweight, compact, and portable planter pot.

The included horticulture LED lamp is an attraction. It can promote photosynthesis for your plants even if you place it in a dark bedroom.

The self-watering facility, as said above, is another cool thing. It makes sure that your plants get enough water at the right amount – no worries of under or over-watering your plants.

Its smart and elegant design is another selling point. You can place or hang it right anywhere to elevate your indoor greenery in a modern and sleek style.

Bloomengine is seeking crowd support for the product on Kickstarter. It has already attracted around 50 backers with a sum of 5K USD. Check out the link above to support and pre-book a unit of S•Pot for your indoors.

Bloomengine S•Pot

Specs and Features

Bloomengine S•Pot self-watering pot is fine for growing any plants and herbs of your choice. The brand recommends you to use the plants that are available in the 4-to-5-inch diameter pots, which are plentily available in any nearest flower shop.

The grow light S•Pot integrates is Samsung’s much-touted full-spectrum horticulture LED lighting. That is capable of nurturing your plants flourishingly in any indoor climate.

Of course, you don’t need sunlight for the plants to thrive as these lights are able to activate photosynthesis and boost plant immunity.

Bloomengine S•Pot Self-Watering Pot for Plants

Fine, you can adjust the brightness and height of the light.

Not all plants need full brightness. Herbal plants need 100%, while foliage plants require only 50%. So, it is easy to adjust the brightness, and as you can increase the height of the light, you can give enough space for the plants to grow up.

Also, you can remove the light case as it is attachable to the steel handle by magnetic power.

When it comes to the self-watering facility, the indoor pot works on a simple principle. The Jiffy Pot is made to absorb water from the 8.5oz water tank in the bottom of the pot via a wick. That is how the smart pot is able to deliver the right amount of water to your plant roots.

Why Should You Buy

  • Smart, Self-Watering Indoor Planter Pot. 
  • Perfect for Elevating the Beauty of Indoor Greenery. 
  • Samsung’s Full-Spectrum LED Grow Lights.
  • 8.5oz Tank to Automatically Water the Plant for 10 Days. 
  • Adjustable and Detachable LED Grow Light.
  • Stylish and Portable Indoor Planter Pot.

Bloomengine S•Pot Self-Watering Planter Pot

Final Thoughts

Bloomengine S•Pot self-watering pot is, of course, an impressive indoor planter pot. With a lot of sophisticated features, it can perfectly blend with your interior. The lovely thing is that you can move it anywhere and locate it in any space to grow your favorite plants.

On Kickstarter, the indoor planter pot has an early bird price of $72, which is $19 less than its projected retail price of $91. It is the best time to pre-book the pot, which the brand expects to start shipping to the backers by September 2021.


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