Bloom Hydro Plant Watering Monitor to Keep Your Plants not Underwatered or Overwatered

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It is a tough job to ensure the right watering of your indoor plants. You might have killed many of your favorite plants due to wrong care. Here is an amazing solution. It is Hydro Bloom, a combination of a soil sensor and a connectivity module to track the watering needs of your plants.

Hydro Bloom comes in two parts; a soil sensor with dual probes and a USB-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity module called Core. You need to insert the Hydro soil probes into the plant pots and they transmit the moisture data to the Core so that you can access the information on the included Bloom mobile app.


With the information, you can take the action and water or not water the plants at the right time. The product is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, where its maker has launched it for crowdfunding. Check out the link below to pre-order a unit of Hydro Bloom with early bid offers.

Bloom Hydro Plant Watering Monitor At a Glance



  • Dual-Probe Water Moisture Sensor.
  • Wi-Fi-Enabled Core Connectivity Module.
  • Bloom Mobile App to Access the Data.
  • Weather-Sealed and Resilient Carbon Probes.
  • Rechargeable Battery with 3-Month Life.
  • USB Charging Option and LED Indicators.

Bloom Hydro Plant Watering Monitor

Bloom Hydro is indeed an incredible solution to let an eye on the moisture levels of each of your plants.

You can pair up to 25 moisture sensors with a single Core connectivity module, giving you access to the watering data of all your plants on your phone. The brand has on offer different bundles of the Bloom Hydro sensors and Bloom Core modules to meet the requirements of various customers.

The water monitoring unit comes with a rechargeable battery that can offer a runtime of up to three months and you can charge it via an included charging port. It has got a water-sealed profile and so it won’t get damaged as you water the plants. The included probes are resilient carbon units and interchangeable.

When it comes to the Core module, it features Wi-Fi connectivity, as said above. Plus, it highlights LED indicator lights and a USB-C port for charging. The anti-slip rubber foot makes you place it firmly anywhere. It also comes with a port for charging the moisture sensor modules.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the innovative Bloom Hydro Plant Watering Monitor. You can pre-order the product on Kickstarter before its early bird offers run out. The starter pack has a price of around $30 and you get it in various kits with different numbers of sensor modules.


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