6 Cool Electric Kitchen Composters: Kalea Vs Lomi Vs Vitamix Vs Reencle Smart Composters

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Gone are the days of traditional compost baskets. Today, we have many smart electric kitchen composters that can turn your waste into nutrient-rich compost in a few hours.

Kalea and Lomi are two famous products in the market of electric composters and there are, of course, more amazing products like Vitamix, Reencle, Beeco, and more.

The old-style home compost systems just dry up the waste without going through the process of decomposition. The modern-day smart electric composters are capable of converting kitchen scraps into nutritious and eco-friendly compost with no odor and fruit flies.

Here, in our take on Kalea, Lomi, and Vitamix smart kitchen composters, we would like to check out the best products of the kind.

Update: Though this list includes many smart kitchen composters, most of them are not yet on the market for public sale as they were just displayed on various platforms like crowdfunding sites. As of writing this, only the Lomi and Vitamix kitchen composters are available for you to process your kitchen waste in a more eco-friendly and smart way.

It is a fact that organic food waste makes up around 50% of the total waste volume in North America. Sending food scraps to landfills is terrible because they happen to release greenhouse gases like methane when breaking down in landfill conditions.

That is harmful to the whole earth and humankind. It is here these incredible composters can change the way you can process food waste in your home.


Lomi Kitchen Composter

  • Easy-to-Use, Smart Composter.
  • Odor-Neutralized Composter.
  • Nurtient-Rich Compost.
  • Fits Any Kitchen.

Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50


  • 2L Capacity Smart Electric Composter.
  • 4 to 8-Hour Fast Waste Processing.
  • Countertop-Friendly Compact Design.
  • Removable Waste Bucket with Lid.
  • Carbon Filter to Eliminate Odor.

1. Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50 Kitchen Composter

We would like to start the list with a popular smart kitchen composter from Vitamix, the leading American vendor of blenders for home as well as commercial use.

The FoodCycler FC-50 is a 2-liter composter that can easily turn food scraps into fertilizers in a few hours.

You can use the countertop composter to process most of the table and refrigerator scraps in a matter of time, helping you reduce the volume of household waste by up to 90%.

The Vitamix smart composter has a processing time of four to eight hours. That means, in that timeframe, you get nutrient-rich compost to fertilize your garden.

You can place the composter anywhere in your kitchen as it features an easy-to-store design.


The composter comes with a removable waste bucket that has got a lid to prevent odor. You can just press the power button after filling the basket to turn on the electric device and start composting.

The device is a very compact unit that you can place anywhere in your kitchen as it takes not have much room, thanks to its cubic design. You can clean the waste bucket in the dishwasher after emptying it.

Lomi Vs Vitamix Composter

Vitamix and Lomi are indeed two incredible options you can go for if you are looking at buying a smart kitchen composter. Vitamix has been there for a while and it has attracted a lot of takers over the years. It is also the cheapest of the duo with a difference of around $150 on Amazon.

Both composters can ensure you a quick clean-up of the kitchen scrap and will take only around four hours to fully decompose the food waste and turn them into organic compost.

Design-wise, the boxy Vitamix is indeed the smallest with a size of 12.6 x 11 x 14.2 inches.

It is when the Lomi composter has dimensions of 20 x 16 x 15 inches and, as you see, it has a more oval shape.

Overall, regarding price, size, and popularity, Vitamix has a clear edge over its Lomi alternative. It is now up to you to decide on buying the best for your needs.

A quick glance at the specs and features of the models will make you choose the best one in your search of the Lomi Vs Vitamix Composter models.

2. Kalea Kitchen Composter

Kalea is a simple, convenient, and sustainable solution to break down food waste in the safest way in your kitchen. It features an innovative waste processing technology to perfectly treat your food scraps and generate fresh nutritious compost.

The decomposition process inside the device works on a fully automatic technology with the help of a smart control system and some sensors.

That is how Kalea is able to convert food waste to compost in just 48 hours.

Kalea is indeed an easy-to-use system. Waste processing takes place in three simple steps.

The first step is filling it up. That is, you can keep dumping waste into it continuously. The best part is that you can keep adding the waste even if it is in working mode.



The second step is transformation, which takes place inside the mid-chamber of the machine. It is here the dumped waste gets transformed into compost.

Inside the compost chamber, there is an ideal environment for waste decomposition with the right distribution of humidity, heat, and aeration. It helps retain microorganisms inside and decompose waste without smell.

The next step is to collect the compost. Well, you will get fresh and organic compost in the bottom compartment, which is ready for use in your indoor and outdoor gardens. The nutritious compost can indeed work as a health booster for your plants to grow up flourishingly.

The included Kalea mobile app helps you monitor the overall function of the composting device. It also offers you tips on how to use the produced compost and other gardening guidelines.

3. Pela Lomi Home Composter

Lomi is from Pela, a Canadian brand famous for its compostable bioplastic phone cases. The brand has developed the Lomi home composter to help decompose not only the food scraps but also the brand’s biodegradable bioplastic products, including phone cases.

Like its Kalea alternative, Lomi also works on a simple mechanism to decompose kitchen food scraps. Well, it makes use of a combination of heat, oxygen, and corrasion to break down food scraps in a quick way.

Once the waste is broken down into small fragments, microorganisms get enough surface to speed up the process of decomposition, ensuring a quick transformation of the waste to organic and nutritious compost with no odor.


What makes Lomi special is that it has a fast turnaround in waste processing.

It features three modes for the way you can use the device. In Express Mode, you can get rid of the waste in four hours. Meanwhile, in Eco Mode, you can convert waste to nutritious compost in 20 hours. The final is the Bioplastic mode, in which it will take 10 hours for the bioplastic to get processed.

Lomi has only a size of a bread maker (16 x 13 x 12 in, but it can take in up to 3L of waste at a time. And it is capable of accepting waste even if decomposition is underway in its chamber.

Kalea Vs Lomi – What To Buy

As you see, both the Kalea and Lomi devices have the same technology inside. They both make use of sensors and smart control systems to let microorganisms decompose food waste in a quick way with no odor. Both models ultimately offer nutritious compost for your plants.

Kalea is from a German company, while Lomi is from a Canadian firm. It looks that the former has a bigger size as it has got a price of nearly $900 per unit in its crowdfunding campaign. Meanwhile, Lomi is way much cheaper. It has an Indiegogo super early bird price of $400 per unit.

Kaleo can process 10 liters of organic waste to end up producing about 1.5 liters of fine compost. Lomi also has the same function but is a bit smaller in size. The produced compost can be used in a ratio of 1:10 with soil to enhance your plants’ freshness.

4. Beeco Kitchen Composter

Disposing of food waste is one of the big challenges of modern life. It is nice to have a smart, electric composter to turn food scraps into organic manure. Here, we have a new product called the Beeco Kitchen Composter, an IoT-enabled technology to eliminate kitchen waste.

Beeco is an incredibly easy-to-use kitchen composter device. It makes use of a special compound microbe to boost the process of decomposing your food and kitchen scraps in a matter of time. Nutrient-rich, organic manure will come out of the smart kitchen composter.


Beeco Specs and Features

Beeco is designed with many innovative features. Apart from its waste processing capabilities, you really get an IoT-based, smart appliance for your kitchen. Well, you can manage its full operation on your phone or tablet and watch real-time performance and status from anywhere.

When it comes to waste processing, the Beeco kitchen composter can manage food waste better than any of its competition, claims its maker. It features a 95% waste reduction rate, which means it will be able to produce 5 tons of organic manure from 100 tons of food scraps.

The dry manure, wastewater, and even the released gases will keep the recommended treatment standards. A biological fermentation will take place inside to make the dry fertilizer eco-friendlier and more harmless for use in your home gardens.

The mobile app for Beeco is available to download on both iOS and Android devices. It is indeed a cool way to get a kitchen ‘appliance’ to process the food waste into a ‘nutrient-filled boost’ for your home gardens, says the CEO of Beeco, Eric Zhang.

The device has a size of 740 x 550 x 350 mm.

5. Reencle Food Composter

Next, we have Reencle, a revolutionary kitchen composter. It can convert food scraps into nutrient fertilizers in a few hours. You need to just pour kitchen waste into the Reencle food composter. The scarps will be gone in a matter of time with no odor.

Reencle has a waste carrying capacity of 1.5 lbs and it features a 3-layer filter system that is what helps keep your interior odor-free. You don’t need to open its lid by hand. The sensors will make it open for you with no contact.



  • Innovative Smart Kitchen Composter.
  • Contact-Free Sensors.
  • Zero Odor 3-Layer Filter.
  • 1.5 Lbs Food Waste Capacity.
  • Silent Operation and Stylish Look.

Reencle Specs and Features

Reencle processes the waste with the help of a microorganism called, ReencleMicrobe. You need to cultivate the microbes that reproduce themselves when fed well. Of course, these microbes can keep devouring waste irrespective of the acidity and salinity to bring you the best results.

The fertilizer byproduct is ideal for use in your home gardens. You can pour it directly into the soil to keep your plants growing flourishingly.

The composter can process almost 50% of the waste you throw away from your kitchen. They can be fruits, meat, fish, cheese, eggs, vegetables, corn, and more.

You can add the food items anytime. As per its maker, the fertilizer will be ready in as fast as two hours, depending on the nature of the waste, though.

As the composter gets filled up with fertilizer, you can simply scoop it out with the given scoop.

The composter works quite silently. It produces only 28nB of noise, which certainly makes it one of the quietest kitchen composters on the market.

6. WasteReviver Kitchen Composter

WasteReviver equips a built-in UVC light to kill bacteria, viruses, and germs in the waste. So, you can handle the composter safely. The resultant compost is a highly nutrient for use in your indoor or outdoor gardens.

It is quite easy to operate and maintain the WasteReviwer composter.

You just need to fill it with degradable food scraps and turn on the power button. It will start grinding the waste to powder and converting it into rich plant fertilizer in a matter of time.


  • Efficient Compost in Just Two Hours.
  • Built UVC-Light to Kill Bacteria and Germs.
  • Safe and Simple Kid-Friendly Design.
  • Carbon Filter to Keep the Waste Odor-Free.
  • 90% Waste Reduction With Huge Capacity.
  • Easy-Clean and Dishwasher-Safe.
  • 25dB Noiseless Operation. 

With WasteReviwer, the overall waste management in your kitchen goes odor-free and germ-free, thanks to the carbon filter and UVL light sanitizer. It is also a noise-free composter compared to many of its rivaling products. With a noise level as low as 25dB, you can use it without any trouble.

The composter is made of die-cast aluminum alloy to ensure a longer lifespan in the management of waste in your kitchen. It is also an energy-efficient device and is 100% eco-friendly as it can decompose waste in a perfect way and turn it into nutrient manure.

Even kids can manage it with its easy-to-operate switches, and it has got a child-safety facility to protect your toddlers. Its cleaning is also a breeze and is also dishwasher-friendly.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the best electric kitchen composters and Lomi alternatives. We have covered some of the market’s exciting smart composters for your kitchen. That article will hopefully help you find the coolest composter to convert the food waste in your household to nutrient-rich compost in a quick and effective way.




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