Altifarm Pico Max: A Big and Smart Indoor Planter for Growing Indoor Plants

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The famous smart indoor planter Altifarm Enverde Pico gets a second edition. Called Altifarm Pico Max, the new upgrade of the self-watering indoor planter is a rather bigger and smarter one.

Pico Max is three times bigger than its original. So, you can keep more greenery indoors. Moreover, it has an option for adding a 10,000mAh Li-Po battery to run it for four days with grow lights.


The option for battery makes it awesome, indeed. Thus, it is an autonomous, self-contained smart planter with no prerequisite to having a power outlet somewhere you want to place it.

Altifarm Pico Max

As you see, Pico Max is a complete indoor planter. Once refilled, it will keep watering your plants for up to ten days. No more over-watering or under-watering.

The stylish LED grow-light is telescopic. You can pull it up once your plants gain height. Of course, the quality LED lights can mimic the nourishment of the sun even in the darkest interior.


Further, like its original, Pico Max highlights a multi-mounting option. So, plants get the freedom to thrive everywhere in your interior. The battery option gives its further attraction, indeed.

  • Bigger and Smarter Indoor Planter.
  • Inbuilt Self-Watering System for 10 Days.
  • Telescopic LED Grow Lights.
  • USB Type-C Ports for Daisy Chaining.
  • Inbuilt Timer, Real Clock, and Auto-Dimming.
  • Optional Battery for Autonomous Operation.
  • 10,000mAh Li-Po Battery to Power it for Four Days.

Daisy Chainable

Would you love to set up a multi-tiered garden with Pico and Pico Max?

Of course, it is possible in a stylish way. Pico Max comes with the option for daisy chaining, thanks to the built-in USB-C ports on both ends.

It will ensure the flow of power in between the units and let you set up elegant planter groups on your wall. Different plants in differently colored Picos and Pico Maxes will really be exhilarating.

Autonomous With Optional Battery

As said above, Altifarm Pico Max can be made a fully autonomous planter. You have the option to insert an optional battery pack. The offered 10,000mAh battery will be able to run the planter for up to four days before a recharge.

This will help you conveniently place a Pico Max on a spot in your wall with no power outlet. You can grow the plants there with no worry, at all.

Inbuilt Timer with Real-Time Clock

No worries about the climate in your city.

Pico Max is all equipped to keep your plants flourishing even in a cloudy or rainy climate. The built-in timer and real-time clock can ensure that your plants get the right amount of light for growth.

Auto-Dimming with Proximity Sensor

If your plants grow faster than expected, no overlighting should damage them. For that, Pico Max has got an auto-dimming feature, which works with the built-in proximity sensor. So, even growing bizarrely faster, nature can still keep the momentum with no trouble in your interior.


Altifarm Pico Max Specs

The second variant of Pico, as said above, is a bit larger compared to its original. It has a width of 6.7 inches, while its original is only 2.4 inches. With its big size, it can keep water for 10 days.

For lighting, it integrates six OSRAM LEDs. Different from its original, it enjoys additional features like an optional battery, auto-dimming, timer, real-time clock, proximity sensor, and more.

You can grow all types of plants in Pico Max, including floral, herbal, ornamental, and more.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on Altifarm Pico Max. The cute product was available for pre-order on Kickstarter and it could attract over 1000 backers on the crowdfunding platform. The early bird pricing for Pico 2.0 was $34. You have a lot of perks and rewards to choose from to get your unit of the Pico Max.


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