Altifarm Cura Grow Light: 360° Variable Spectrum LED Grow Light for All Types of Indoor Plants

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The lack of proper sunlight has always been the biggest challenge in indoor growing.

There is, of course, a wide range of expensive and larger LED grow lights on the market, but most of them are not optimized for all types of plants. What about a variable multi-spectrum grow light for all your indoor plants?

That is what Altifarm Cura grow light is. It is a 360-degree grow light with a variable spectrum of lighting, and a variety of lighting presets for different types of plants like herbs, fruits, flowers, and more.

The Cura is more than an LED grow light. Along with being a horticultural light, it integrates a smart automatic watering facility and an RGB ambient light to change the mood of your interior. The Cura also goes with your home automation as it supports voice commands and it comes with a mobile app.

The grow light comes in three sizes under the branding of Cura 400, Cura 300, and Cura 200 to cover the canopy spreads of your plants. The light also features three different mounts for placing it on the floor, on a desk, and on a wall. Altifaram has launched the stylish grow light on Kickstarter for crowdfunding.


Altifarm Cura LED Grow Light


  • 360-Degree, Variable-Spectrum Grow Light for Indoor Pots. 
  • Lighting Presets for the Ideal Growth of Various Plants. 
  • Automatic Water Pump and RGB Ambient Light.
  • Three Sizes to Cover Various Plant Canopy Spreads.
  • Cura App for Total Control and Preset Management.
  • Smart Home Integration with Voice Commands.
  • Telescopic Adjustment and One Tough Height Control. 
  • Thoughtful Design, Premium Finish, and Stylish Look.

Altifarm Cura Grow Light

Altifram Cura is, in fact, a 360° indoor plant care solution that simply helps you nurture your favorite plants in regular indoor pots throughout the year. Thanks to its multi-spectrum LEDs, it can deliver optimal lighting to grow herbs, fruits, flowers, greens, and indoor plants even in the darkest corner of your home.

Compared to traditional grow lights, Cura comes with a number of presets to ideally meet the lighting needs of various plants. Presets can be adjusted on the included app and they are exclusively available for herbs, greens, flowers, fruits, germination, and more. You can also set custom presets and share them with friends.

The lovely thing with the Cura light is the attachable Cura pump for self-watering the plants. It will make you schedule the watering of your plants to safeguard them from overwatering and underwatering.



Cura also works with your smart home applications such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri. That is how you can easily manage its lighting, presets, pump, and ambient light through voice commands.

As said above, you get the grow light in multiple sizes as per their diameters.

The Cura 200, Cura 300, and Cura 400 come in a size of 200mm (8′), 300mm (12′), and 400mm (16′) respectively to cover the various canopy spreads of your indoor pots.

Coming to the specs in detail, Cura is made of shatter-proof polycarbonate enclosure and it makes use of OSRAM horticultural LEDs for grow light and RGB LEDs for ambient light. ESP-32 chipset, pressure die-casted aluminum heat sink, and silicone optimal diffuser are other attractions.

Final Thoughts

That has been our overview of the Altifarm Cura grow light. It is indeed an advanced growing solution for any plant from germination to full growth. You get it in multiple options with different mounts to meet your needs.

Coming to the price, Altifarm offers the light with an attractive early bird pricing that starts at $50. You have it available in different options and with multiple accessories on Kickstarter here. Share your thoughts about the cute Cura LED grow light for your indoor plants in the comments.


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