Aerogarden Vs Rise Gardens: Best Smart Hydroponic Indoor Gardening Systems

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Are you looking at buying a hydroponic home garden? There are many brands that offer brilliant hydroponic gardening systems. AeroGarden is a leading one with many smart gardens, and Rise Gardens is one of the key competitors. So, we go with our Aerogarden Vs Rise Gardens take.

We have already had a look at Aerogarden Vs Click and Grow smart gardens on our blog. Click and Grow is a supplier of soil-based smart gardens, but we have both Aerogarden and Rise Gardens here with some impressive smart hydroponic gardens for your interior.

A hydroponic system is an amazing way to decorate your living or office spaces with green.

It can lavishly grow essential herbs, leafy plants, veggies, and fruits even in the darkest corner of your interior if it equips LED growing lights. Anyway, let us a look at the key features of the top products from both brands; Aerogarden and Rise Gardens.

Aerogarden Vs Rise Gardens

Aerogarden is famous for its collection of multiple series of hydroponic smart gardens.

Aerogarden Sprout, Harvest Family, Bounty Family, and Farm Family are the four categories of smart gardens the brand has on sale as of writing this. The first three are 3-pod, 6-pod, and 9-pod planters respectively, while the last one is a series of big planters with 12 to 24 pods.

As you see, AeroGarden Sprout and Harvest Family are the base variants of its portfolio, and Rise Gardens has no alternative to those base variants. The base variant of Rise Gardens is an 8-pod personal planter. The other models are 12-pod, 24-pod, and 36-pod family gardens.

Hence, we would like to compare the similar models of the brands in our take on Aerogarden Vs Rise Gardens. So, you will get a clear idea of choosing the best model to meet your needs.

Aerogarden Bounty Family

Bounty Family is a series of mid-range smart gardens from AeroGarden. It is available in multiple options like Bounty, Basic, Elite, and Elite Artisan, based on their styles and finishes. All are basically 9-pod hydroponic gardens that carry a price tag of around $250.

You can use the planter to grow multiple plants 5 times faster than a soil-based alternative.

It equips a 50W LED grow light to offer your plants full-spectrum lighting for perfect growth at a height of 24 inches. Check out the link below for all the variants of the Bounty Family gardens.


This series features big water reservoirs to keep your plants fresh always. A full-color touchscreen is another attraction that can timely bring to you water and plant food reminders.

You can keep its grow light dimmed as per the needs of your plants. A vacation mode is another impressive thing, which is a way you can ensure your plants stay alive even if you are away.

The Bounty Elite has got a size of 34 x 17.25 x 11.25 inches and it highlights Wi-Fi for advanced connectivity to your mobile phone or computer.

Rise Gardens Personal Garden

It is the 8-pod countertop hydroponic smart garden from Rise Gardens.

This is an alternative to Aerogarden’s Bounty Family with its capacity, size, and other features. You can grow eight plants in it out of the box and it can support a maximum of 12 plants.

The smart garden comes with eight biodegradable pods that include smart soil for growing your plants. The built-in one-gallon water tank is enough to water your plants for a week. So, you get an amazing way to grow your favorite plants indoors.

Rise Gardens Indoor Planter


The Rise Gardens personal smart garden features automatic grow lights. You can control the light on the included mobile app. It has also got a light button to make you turn off or dim the lighting manually. That will override the automatic lighting setting.

The elegant Rise Gardens indoor planter measures 18 x 11 x 16 inches and it weighs 20 lbs.


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