Abby Smart Automated Grow Box: All-In-One, Fully-Automated Smart Hydroponic Grow Box

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Abby Smart Automated Grow Box is an innovative smart indoor garden. It can grow any plant strain in your indoor spaces with no need for sunlight, soil, and air. The fully-automated Abby smart garden equips all the technologies required for perfect hydroponic indoor gardening.

Unlike a Gardyn or iHarvest, Abby is a small grow box with complete privacy for the plant growing inside. Taking up only 2-sq.ft, you can place it anywhere inside your home or office. It incorporates full-spectrum grow lights, a state-of-the-art self-watering system, carbon filters, and a smart app for remote and voice access.

Its innovator has unveiled the project on Kickstarter. You can support it on the crowdfunding platform and pre-book your unit with the early bird pricing, which starts at $800 on the link below.


  • Fully Automated, Plug-n-Play Indoor Grow Box.
  • Compact Design with a Small Footprint of 2-Sq.ft.
  • Dual High-Density Carbon Filters for Odor Control.
  • Magnetic Window Panel for Private Growing.
  • Samsung LM301H Best-in-Class LED Grow Lights.
  • Voice Control and Smart Hey Abby Mobile App.

Abby Smart Automated Grow Box

Abby is a fully automated, plug-and-play indoor garden box. It can realize a small ecosystem that integrates the best-in-class self-watering, lighting, and smart gardening technologies. You can grow any of your favorite plants in the box and enjoy hassle-free gardening in your bedroom, living space, and more.

Sporting Samsung’s highly efficient LM301H full-spectrum LED grow lights, the indoor planter can deliver perfect lighting with higher PPFD to boost the photosynthetic process of your plants.

The included Hey Abby app makes gardening with Abby further smarter. It gives you a way to watch the lifecycle of your plants from anywhere in the world. The app can also connect like-minded growers together and you can get live 1-on-1 support from customer service on the app.



The Abby Smart Automated Grow Box is also designed to respond to some voice commands and act accordingly. You can thus request it to automatically open the door and get ready for dropping the fertilizer into the tank.

The brand can ensure you the delivery of the required fertilizer for the plants through a subscription. So there is nothing to worry about growing your favorite plant in a corner of your home.

Abby works fully automatically for you. All that you need to do is to refill the water every week and sit back and relax to watch the exponential growth of your plants.

Abby comes with a 2.1-in TFT display, a pair of premium carbon filters, intelligent ventilation, a magnetic privacy window panel, and a powerful drainage pump. For grow lights, it carries Samsung’s best-in-class lights.

Meanwhile, it has a size of 15.75 x 15.75 x 48 inches and it weighs 70 lbs.

Final Thoughts

That has been our take on the Abby Smart Automated Grow Box. The product is currently in prototype mode. The brand is to start its mass production after the crowdfunding and is to deliver to the backers by June 2022. If you are excited about the smart garden ecosystem for your home, it is the best time to get it with the best deals.


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